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They say that the first thing most people notice about you is your smile. But when you haven’t had the luck to have been born with perfectly straight teeth, then every first meeting is fraught with all the self-consciousness and doubt that you had when you were a painfully awkward 14-year-old.

Candid is your way to make every first meeting a genuinely fun meeting for you, without fretting about your crooked teeth or trying to hide them behind your hand, cups or napkins.

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Though you’ll be eager to get your perfect teeth overnight — and who wouldn’t be? — the key to the Candid method is dental health and expertise. Other companies only work on the front teeth, making improvements that are only for show. Candid, on the other hand, wants you to make sure you get a healthy bite that’ll improve your life for the rest of your life.

And because of Candid’s top-rated app, your orthodontist will be able to check up on how your teeth are moving almost in real time — all you have to do is scan your teeth every two weeks and follow your orthodontist’s instructions. You don’t even have to hire a babysitter or take time off from work to get to a clinic — it’s all done remotely. And you can even whiten your teeth as part of your treatment. No need to wait for the teeth to straighten before you can work on the color!

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It’s easy enough to start whenever you’re ready for your new smile.

You’ve spent enough of your life hiding your smile. Let people see your real smile — your Candid smile. Start by seeing if you’re a candidate!