Koio Regenerative Sneakers

Every category of apparel, from sweatshirts and bags to sneakers, has made huge gains in sustainability over the past several years, but now Koio, maker of luxury sneakers, has just launched the world’s first fully regenerative sneaker — and it’s just as gorgeous as its other styles. After selling out in eight hours upon its soft launch in January, it’s back now for real.

The Capri Regenerative takes a beautiful thing (Italian craftsmanship) and makes it even better by sourcing the rich leather used in the upper from sustainable regenerative farms in Switzerland. The shoes are an example of this regenerative agriculture movement, in which farms help to take 18 billion tons of carbon out of the atmosphere each year, sequestering it in the soil instead. The sneakers are then made and finished in Italy.

The sneaker, which retails for $325, marks the first installment of the brand’s plan to be fully regenerative by 2025, and it comes in both Castagna (brown) and Onyx colorways. Ready to get in on the regenerative movement? The sneakers are available on koio.co in both men’s and women’s sizes.