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Subscription services make sense for some things (like streaming apps and getting your dog’s food delivered automatically every three months). When it comes to software access, however, the lifetime license model is quickly disappearing — and most users do not like that. They’d rather pay once for their software and use it whenever they please rather than shelling out a hefty sum every single month. That’s where StackSocial comes in, and right now you can get lifetime access to Microsoft Office Training bundles for as low as $45.95 exclusively with CNN. (Subscriptions are only good on one device and are non-transferable).

If you haven’t yet heard of StackSocial, this start-up company helps readers discover offers and purchase products (including software, gadgets and web services) directly on content sites. At the moment, that’s lifetime access to the 2021 version of Microsoft Office Professional or Home & Business, an offer made possible by an authorized Microsoft partner — and best of all, you only have to pay once for it.

Online Courses and Software Bundles

stacksocial Online Courses and Software Bundles

When purchased through this article only, lifetime access to the Microsoft Office Bundles is currently available (for either Mac or PC) for just $45.95 - that’s 97% off! They both come with the most popular Microsoft Office products as well as a training bundle that teaches you how to expertly use every program in the lineup.

If you have a Mac, you can get Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and OneNote for over 97% off. In addition to instant lifetime access (installed on either one home or work computer), you also get access to over 25 hours of online courses that teach you how to go from a beginner to a master on all of the aforementioned programs. If you don’t need the training bundle, you can grab the software only for $54.99.

The Windows 2021 Training Bundle comes with everything the Mac version includes — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and OneNote — but also offers Publisher and Access for the same exclusive price. You also get access to eight different trainings that teach you how to analyze data on Excel, construct expert documents on Word, create engaging presentations on PowerPoint, highly organize your notes on OneNote and much, much more. Purchase only the software for $59.99 here.

The benefits of Microsoft Office apps

stack social The benefits of Microsoft Office apps

In recent years, many people have made the switch to online, free versions of word processors and spreadsheet programs. While there are definitely benefits to these cloud-based programs, there are downfalls too.

For one, Microsoft Office doesn’t require any Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to throttle your productivity when you’re offline. For another, the new Microsoft Office bundle comes with ample new features to boost organization, creativity and analytical insights. Last but definitely not least, in addition to forever access to the 2021 fully loaded suite for either PC or Mac — which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams — you can also get an online training bundle course that’ll show you how to master the software.

This has the potential to make a serious difference when it comes to streamlining your workflow and getting the most out of your personal projects. Freelancers can track their jobs and earnings with accountant-like accuracy. Business owners can pitch their products and motivate their employees with professional-looking presentations. Heads of households can collect their grocery lists, handwritten notes and reminders all in one place — and share them with other members of the family with a click of the mouse.

Get the Microsoft Office and Online Course training bundles (for either Mac or PC) for only $45.95 (97% off) through August 31 (while supplies last)