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See Trump's response to federal indictment
01:00 - Source: CNN

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New York CNN  — 

The attacks on the rule of law have begun.

Moments after news broke on Thursday that disgraced former President Donald Trump had been indicted on federal charges, Fox News and the rest of the MAGA Media universe revved up into attack mode, denigrating the U.S. justice system and characterizing it as prejudiced against conservatives.

The assault on the American justice system was swift and savage.

On Fox, the historic legal action was portrayed as President Joe Biden weaponizing the Justice Department to target his political opponent.

“BIDEN ADMIN INDICTS A PRESIDENTIAL RIVAL,” one on-screen banner read.

“Yes, it is a dark day in America,” Sean Hannity declared. “We have said it often. There is no equal justice, there is no equal application of our laws. There is one set of rules for Democrats and another set of rules for Donald Trump and conservatives and anybody especially in his orbit.”

Despite the indictment not being made public, Hannity went on to tell his audience that the “system of justice” in the U.S. has “been weaponized beyond belief” and that the country is “in serious trouble.”

Throughout the night, Fox welcomed guests who echoed the Trump talking points and disparaged the justice system.