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• George W. Bush
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• Ralph Nader
• Third Parties
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On the opening day of the Democratic National Convention, Monday, July 26, 2004, many delegates wore the kind of attention-grabbing headwear that has become a tradition at party conventions.
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• July 29: Presidential Nominee
• July 29: Building Momentum
• July 28: Tinseltown goes to Beantown
• July 28: Third night of the DNC
• July 28: Noteworthy Performances
• July 28: Day 3 preparations
• July 27: Unity and Diversity
• July 27: DNC protests
• July 27: Celebrities Abuzz in Boston
• July 27: Day Two and Counting
• July 26: Crowd Pleasers
• July 26: Opening Night
• July 26: Wild Hats for Democrats
• July 26: Kicking off the Convention
• July 26: Convention Preparations
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