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The Candidates:
• George W. Bush
• John Kerry
• Ralph Nader
• Third Parties
Showdown States:
The Conventions:


John Kerry

John Edwards
John Kerry
John Edwards
Teresa Heinz Kerry
Elizabeth Edwards
Vanessa and Alexandra Kerry
Christopher, Andre, and John Heinz
Cate Edwards
Jack and Emma Edwards


Ted Kennedy

Bill Clinton
Tammy Baldwin, U.S. representative
Steve Brozak, Congressional candidate
Jimmy Carter, former president
Max Cleland, former U.S. senator
Bill Clinton, former president
Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. senator
Tom Daschle, Senate minority leader
Howard Dean, former Vermont governor
Al Gore, former vice president
Ted Kennedy, U.S. senator
Dennis Kucinich, U.S. representative
Bob Menendez, U.S. representative
Janet Napolitano, Arizona governor
Barack Obama, Illinois state senator
Martin O'Malley, Baltimore mayor
Nancy Pelosi, House minority leader
Ron Reagan
Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, U.S. representative
Christie Vilsack, Iowa's first lady
Vietnam veterans


Tucker Carlson

James Carville
Paul Begala
Wolf Blitzer
Tucker Carlson
James Carville
Anderson Cooper
Jeff Greenfield
Bob Novak
Bill Schneider
Carlos Watson
Judy Woodruff


Donna Brazile

Dan Nguyen-Tan
Donna Brazile
Jack Hanna
Dan Nguyen-Tan
Frances F. Williams
Delegate explainer


Terry McAuliffe

Bill Richardson
Terry McAuliffe, DNC chairman
Bill Richardson, DNC convention chairman
Jeanne Shaheen, campaign chair
Mary Beth Cahill, campaign manager
Bob Shrum, campaign strategist
Michael Meehan, campaign adviser


Boston's school bus drivers

Boston Mobilization
Bl(A)ck Tea Society
Boston Mobilization
Boston's school bus drivers
Christian Defense Coalition
International A.N.S.W.E.R.
New England Anti-Vivisection Society

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