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How would you rate former President Bill Clinton's speech?
CNN analysts offer their assessments.


Bill Schneider
Political analyst

Tucker Carlson
Political analyst
B+ A F

Paul Begala
Political analyst

Mo Rocca
Political analyst
B+ B+ B
NOTE: *Incomplete

Bill Schneider
Clinton laid out a Democratic vision. That's exactly what he did. He was detailed, he was specific. He talked about the choices that the Republicans have made and the choices that the Democrats have made. He had a specific vision, calling to attention his choices, his policies and the contrast with Bush was striking. Nobody can lay out a Democratic vision like Bill Clinton.

Tucker Carlson
I thought he was harshly partisan. I was kind of shocked by it. He's the former president; you're not supposed to accuse half the country of seeking to divide people. You can't accuse half the country of being evil.

Paul Begala
I'm much more negative; I would have been much rougher (on the Bush administration). I think that Bill Clinton is the master and the genius at taking policy and making it interesting and understandable, and framing up the choice. He's the greatest politician in my lifetime and we saw again tonight why.

Mo Rocca
I would have liked the speeches a whole lot more if there was a little more air conditioning.

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