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Editor's note: This chart features brief summaries of candidates' viewpoints on some issues, based on their statements and records. Most candidates have offered more comprehensive explanations of their positions on these and other issues. More information may be found on their campaign Web sites.
Social Security
State fiscal crisis
Tax cuts
Budget deficits
Job creation
Pushed pension equity, retirement security for women
Would give more to rebuild schools, freeing state funds
Would cancel most Bush tax cuts, raise state aid
Supported Balanced Budget Amendment; opposes deficits
Backs tax incentives, investment in rebuilding schools
No specific plan; opposes increasing retirement age
Give immediate help to local governments facing fiscal crises
Calls Bush cuts for rich irresponsible; would close corporate loopholes
Balance budget; lower long-term public debt
Incentives to keep jobs in U.S.; target manufacturing, high-tech
Guarantee Social Security funding for retirees
Boost aid to states, cities for homeland security
Repeal Bush tax cuts; offer health care tax credit
Steer the nation back toward a balanced budget
Invest in job-creating infrastructure (roads, schools, etc.)
Opposes privatizing Social Security
More aid for states to cover rising Medicaid, security costs
Supports focused tax cuts for middle class
Reinstate budget caps, budget enforcement rules
Encourage business investment; maintain fiscal discipline
Create universal, tax-free pensions for everyone at birth
Reimburse states $53 billion+ for new health care costs
Repeal Bush cuts; keep per-child credit, marriage relief
Past advocate of deficit reduction; opposes Bush policies
Fuel economy with health care plan; aid small businesses
Opposes privatizing Social Security
Would grant "serious assistance," boost national economy
Favors middle-class cuts, child tax credit, married relief
Favors balancing federal budget, reversing Bush policies
Target tax cuts; push free trade; upgrade infrastructure
Opposes privatizing Social Security
Give priority to giving states fiscal aid to resolve crises
Repeal tax cuts for wealthy; increase child tax credit
Undo deficit trend with eye on corporate loopholes, spending
Assist small businesses; train workers; infrastructure jobs
Drop retirement age to 65; keep funds public off Wall St.
Rescind tax cuts and give money, no-interest loans to states
Repeal Bush tax cuts; increase corporate taxes
Reverse trend of growing budget deficits
$300 billion for infrastructure, tech jobs; rescind NAFTA
Opposes privatizing Social Security
Advocates replenishing state Medicaid accounts
Voted against Bush tax cuts
Call's Bush's fiscal policies "reckless;" cap all other non-defense discretionary spending
More research and development funds for more high-tech jobs
Greater economic growth will keep Social Security solvent
No public position available
Would repeal Bush tax cuts
Reduce deficit by repealing Bush tax cuts
Proposes $250 billion infrastructure improvement plan
Supports investing some Social Security taxes in stocks
Allocated funds to help states pay increased security costs
Signed two tax cut bills so far; more tax cuts unlikely
Reduce deficit by holding spending increases to 4 percent
Says 2001, 2003 tax cuts have helped keep economy going
Social Security
State fiscal crisis
Tax cuts
Budget deficits
Job creation
<img src="" width="622" height="55" border="0" usemap="#theIss">
• AG: Attorney General; ANWR: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; CAFÉ: Standards that provide tax and other incentives for consumers to purchase and alternative fuel vehicles; COPS: Community Oriented Policing Program; DOMA: Defense of Marriage Act; GLBT: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered; NCLB: No Child Left Behind; NMD: National Missile Defense.
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