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Multiple investigations loom simultaneously over Trump
CNN Tonight
Aug 11, 2022

Trump takes the Fifth, declining to give answers during four-hours of questioning in the New York Attorney General’s civil investigation into the Trump Organization. Former Watergate special prosecutor Nick Akerman and CNN Contributor John Dean join to discuss that, and the increasing pressure from the many legal probes the former president is facing, including the DOJ’s probe on Trump’s handling of classified documents, the Georgia investigation into election interference, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal investigation.

Plus, Attorney General Garland faces increasing pressure to say something publicly about why the FBI conducted its search of Mar-a-lago, as Trump baselessly claims the Agency "Planted" incriminating material before searching his residence. And, multiple US officials are allocated personal security after receiving death threats following the DOJ charging an Iranian in the plot to kill former Trump adviser John Bolton. CNN Counterterrorism Analyst Phil Mudd joins to discuss the details.

Hosted by Sara Sidner.