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One Thing: Zero Patience for Zero-Covid in China
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Sun, Dec 4
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Don Lemon Tonight

Don Lemon Tonight brings in-depth analysis of the day's top news stories, and Don’s take on the stories that will get you talking.

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Trump tries to block testimony from ex-aides about January 6
Don Lemon Tonight
Sep 24, 2022

In a CNN exclusive, sources reveal Trump's legal team is fighting a secret court battle to block a federal grand jury from gathering information from his ex-aides about his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean and former general counsel for the Director of National Intelligence, Robert Litt, join to discuss.

Plus, Russians desperately try to escape Vladimir Putin's call up of hundreds of thousands of people to fight in Ukraine, stocks fall to their lowest levels since November 2020 amid recession fears, an Arizona judge rules the State can enforce a near-total abortion ban, and Rolling Stone Magazine founder Jann Wenner joins to discuss music’s influence on civil rights and his front row seat to music history.