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One Thing: Zero Patience for Zero-Covid in China
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Don Lemon Tonight

Don Lemon Tonight brings in-depth analysis of the day's top news stories, and Don’s take on the stories that will get you talking.

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Texas sheriff announces investigation into Martha’s Vineyard flight
Don Lemon Tonight
Sep 20, 2022

A Texas sheriff announces an investigation into the Venezuelan migrants sent by plane without warning to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, saying, those people were ‘exploited and hoodwinked’ for political gain. Massachusetts House Democrat Dylan Fernandes represents Martha’s Vineyard. He joins to discuss why he is further calling for the DOJ to open an investigation after personally hearing the Venezuelans say they had been rounded up at a resource center in San Antonio, and given false promises of jobs and housing.

The Royal Family, World leaders and the public gather as Queen Elizabeth II is laid to rest. UK Ambassador to the US Karen Pierce tells Don how incredibly proud she was to serve the Queen, and what it means to the UK to say goodbye to her as the Country faces a new era. Plus, Trump was warned last year of the potential legal peril of taking government documents to Mar-a-Lago, Puerto Rico is battered by hurricane Fiona, and CNN International Security Editor Nick Patton Walsh reports from Ukraine on signs of torture in a liberated Russian detention center.