MacBook Air M2 review 1

The MacBook Air M2 is the best laptop you can buy. Period. It also just returned to its lowest price ever, making this superb notebook even more of a no-brainer.

Apple’s latest MacBook Air with 512GB of storage is currently $1,300 on Amazon — that’s a $200 savings. Just note that this deal applies exclusively to the blackish-blue Midnight and Silver variations, which, for our money, are the best-looking versions of the MacBook Air M2 you can buy. No matter which color you pick, you’ll be getting a whole lot of laptop for a great price.

Lowest Price
The best laptop overall

The MacBook Air M2's superb performance and design make it our top laptop pick, and it's an especially great deal with the 512GB version at its lowest-ever price.

The MacBook Air M2 instantly shot to the top of our best MacBook rankings as soon as we tested it, providing record-breaking speeds and a wealth of much-needed quality-of-life improvements over previous models. Thanks to the new M2 processor packed inside, the latest MacBook Air ran circles around similarly priced competitors in our performance tests, and had no problem juggling our daily multitasking workload (including lots of apps and an ungodly amount of Chrome tabs).

The new MacBook Air is also a major leap forward on the design front, offering a larger overall screen with thinner borders, an improved 1080p webcam and a handy MagSafe charger that attaches in a snap — and detaches just as quickly in case someone trips over it. These upgrades all combine for a laptop that’s simply a delight to use for both work and play, and one that provides a notably better experience than the already-great MacBook Air M1.

One of the MacBook Air M2’s few drawbacks is the relatively puny 256GB of storage on the starting model, so this deal on the 512GB version is particularly exciting. That being said, the 256GB version is also on sale for $1,049 if you don’t need much storage. But for everyone else, this cheaper-than-ever 512GB MacBook Air M2 makes for a great last-minute splurge gift for the techie in your life — or just a nice treat for yourself.