biolite firepit+

A traditional campfire is great — until a breeze picks up and you end up with a face full of smoke. Coughs and stinging eyes aren’t a requisite for a s’mores night, though. With a smokeless firepit, you get all the fun and warmth without the discomfort or tedious cleanup.

At Underscored, we’ve long been fans of BioLite, the outdoors and off-grid-focused brand offering everything from rechargeable lanterns to camping gear to solar panels. True to the brand’s ethos, the brand-new FirePit+ promises to provide technological efficiency (and even Bluetooth control of the flames) without sacrifice. Plus, the firepit can transform into a portable hibachi-style grill, complete with included grill grate, in mere seconds.

We tried out the Firepit+ and, spoiler alert, it lives up to the hype. Even better? We’ve teamed up with BioLite to give you 30% off the brand-new launch. Through Feb. 3, Underscored readers can get an exclusive discount with code UNDERSCORED30 for seamless campfires ahead.

The FirePit+ lets you experience the warmth, smell and crackle of a wood campfire, minus the smoke. Underscored readers can score 30% off with code UNDERSCORED30.