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It’s nearly spring and you know what that means? It’s time for Apple to release a bunch of new products and matching accessories. This year that drop includes several new Apple Watch band colors, along with iPhone 13 and iPhone SE cases to match. There’s even a new color combination for the Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse.

iPhone cases

Silicone cases with MagSafe

Silicone Cases with MagSafe.jpg

Apple’s silicone cases with MagSafe offer protection without adding unnecessary bulk. To help bring in Spring 2022, there are four new colors for the iPhone 13 lineup.

Blue Fog, Eucalyptus, Nectarine and Lemon Zest are each available for the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. These silicone cases will work with your MagSafe chargers, wallets and any other MagSafe-equipped accessories.

  • iPhone 13 Mini Silicone Case with MagSafe ($49 at Apple)
  • iPhone 13 Silicone Case with MagSafe ($49 at Apple)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe ($49 at Apple)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe ($49 at Apple)

For the new iPhone SE, Apple has a single new color of its silicone case called Abyss Blue that looks more like a navy blue to us. This shade of blue joins Chalk Pink, Midnight and Product Red. Keep in mind the iPhone SE doesn’t have MagSafe, so the cases will also lack the magnetic feature but provide easy access to all buttons and the Lightning port at the bottom for charging.

  • iPhone SE Silicone Case ($35 at Apple)
iPhone SE Silicone Case_.jpg

iPad cases

Smart Folio for iPad Air

Smart Folio for iPad Air.jpg

With the fifth-generation iPad Air freshly announced, Apple updated the Smart Folio for iPad Air with two new colors. Marine Blue and Dark Cherry join the preexisting Mallard Green, Electric Orange, white, English Lavender, Deep Navy and black.

The Smart Folio case is best thought of as a way to protect the screen and back of the iPad Air. The portion of the folio that covers the display also folds up to double as a stand for propping the iPad Air up — either to watch a movie or a FaceTime call, or at just the right angle to type on the digital keyboard or sketch out an idea with an Apple Pencil.

  • Smart Folio ($79 at Apple)

Apple Watch bands

Braided Solo Loop

Braided Solo Loop.jpg

Apple’s Braided Solo Loop received four new colors: Flamingo, Bright Green, Abyss Blue and Starlight. Flamingo looks like a hot pink, while Bright Green has neon green vibes. This band is a single woven piece of polyester yarn that aims to fit snugly around your wrist. You’ll want to get fitted for any of the Solo Loop bands by either going into an Apple Store and asking for help or by printing off Apple’s sizing guide at home (follow the links below to view the bands and the guide). Trust us, it’s not fun ordering one and not getting a size that fits. Additionally, it’s soft to the touch and resistant against water or sweat.

  • 41mm Braided Solo Loop ($99 at Apple)
  • 45mm Braided Solo Loop ($99 at Apple)

Solo Loop

Solo Loop.jpg

The Apple Watch’s Solo Loop band hasn’t been left out of the spring festivities. The Solo Loop is now available in Nectarine, Lemon Zest, Mineral Green and Eucalyptus. Rather than soft fabric, the Solo Loop opts for a single piece of liquid silicone rubber that is pretty comfortable. Again, you’ll want to make sure you order the right size of the Solo Loop band, so make sure you use the tool Apple has on the Solo Loop band page, or go into a store and ask for help getting sized.

  • 41mm Solo Loop Band ($49 at Apple)
  • 45mm Solo Loop Band ($49 at Apple)

Sport Loop

Sport Loop.jpg

The Sport Loop band for the Apple Watch has a few new options, all of which contain new color combinations instead of one solid color like the Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop. The new color combinations are Lavender Gray/Light Lilac, Nectarine/Peony, Oat Milk/Lemon Zest, Midnight/Eucalyptus and Blue Jay/Abyss Blue.

You don’t have to worry about getting sized for the Sport Loop because the strap is adjustable. The Sport Loop can fit snugly or loosely, and latches closed via velcro. However, if you have large wrists you might want to consider ordering an Extra Large band (Apple states it’s for wrists that measure 170-245 mm).

  • 41mm Sport Loop ($49 at Apple)
  • 45mm Sport Loop ($49 at Apple)

Sport Band

Sport Band.jpg

Apple’s classic silicone Sport Bands for the Apple Watch received both a bright color treatment and a single muted color option this year. On the neon side, there’s Bright Green and Lemon Zest. The more muted color option includes Blue Fog. The Sport Band is one size fits all and pretty versatile for a day at the office or in the classroom, as well as being fit for workouts.

  • 41mm Sport Band ($49 at Apple)
  • 45mm Sport Band ($49 at Apple)

Mice and keyboards

Magic Keyboard in black

Magic Keyboard in Black.jpg

Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and a numeric keypad now comes in a fresh and clean-looking black color. To be clear, the entire casing isn’t black — the new color just refers to the keys on the keyboard with a silver backing. You can, of course, still order a model with white keys. The Magic Keyboard includes a dedicated button with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor to unlock your Apple Silicon-equipped Mac.

  • Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad ($199 at Apple)

Magic Trackpad in black

Magic Trackpad in Black.jpg

Of course, to match the new black Magic Keyboard, Apple also released an all-black version of its Magic Trackpad. The black model comes after Apple had previously discontinued the Space Gray version, leaving Apple owners with the lone option of a white trackpad. Just be aware there’s a markup for the added color. The white model is $129 while the black version is $149.

  • Magic Trackpad (black) ($149 at Apple)

Magic Mouse in black

Magic Mouse in Black.jpg

Last, but certainly not least, Apple released an all-black version of the Magic Mouse. And, yes, the charge port is still on the bottom here, meaning you have to turn it over to plug it in and charge it. Like with the Magic Trackpad, there’s a markup for the black version of the Magic Mouse. The white model is $79 while the black version is $99. We’d recommend you go for the trackpad — especially since it can be used while you’re charging it.

  • Magic Mouse Black ($99 at Apple)