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Samsung makes a plethora of TVs for your home — QLEDs, The Frame, The Serif and the magically rotating Sero. So where does it go next? Well, the answer takes you outside the box — or in this case, outside the house.

The company is launching The Terrace, a Samsung QLED lifestyle TV with a metal design that can handle the elements. But it’s coming in at a hefty price: $3,499 for a 55-inch, $4,999 for a 65-inch and $6,499 for a 75-inch.

That’s a lot more than a typical QLED or even a Sero, but you’re paying for a Samsung QLED display that’s been tuned for the outdoors. Being outside means being in the sun more often, which is a common pain point for screens. On The Terrace, Samsung increased the brightness to a maximum of 2,000 nits, so the picture will be brighter and reduce the reflection rate.

That addresses reflection and the sun, but what about water or dust? The Terrace is rated up to an IP55 certification. That means it’s not fully sealed but can protect against dust and water that could enter the set. This can survive a downpour and is protected against water jets from any direction.

The three HDMI, ethernet, USB Type-A and tuner (aka optical) ports are housed in a media bay that’s protected from the elements by a door that has an IP55 rating as well.

Samsung is pushing a wireless — or at least mostly wireless — experience. For the TV to function, it just needs power via the AC adapter, and from there it can connect to your home’s WiFi. It can also be mounted and offers an experience similar to the no-gap wall mount.

The Terrace has the specs of a 2020 QLED from Samsung and has a full 4K UHD panel with a 2,160p resolution. To reduce the soap opera effect and any frame drops, The Terrace has a 120Hz refresh rate.

Since most content on live TV and many streaming services still come at 1080pHD, the Quantum Processor 4K can handle real-time content optimization. That means upscaling content to 4K, along with reducing noise, improvising colors and ensuring the picture is still sharp.

Furthermore, The Terrace runs Samsung’s smart interface, so you’ll get access to TVPlus from Samsung that provides a plethora of free channels along with thousands of streaming services. Think Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Quibi and others. You also have Apple Music and several fitness programs that live under Samsung Health.

This TV comes with Samsung’s One Remote that is rated to IP65 so it can withstand more of the elements than the TV. The Terrace also features 20-watt two-channel speakers.

The 65-inch and 75-inch models are shipping now at $4,999 and $6,499, respectively. The 55-inch will launch by the end of June for $3.499.

Samsung also has The Terrace Soundbar, which, as you might think, is a soundbar designed for the outdoors, complete with dust and water resistance up to IP55. It connects to The Terrace TV via Optical, is Alexa-enabled and supports Bluetooth.

It has several speakers, including a center speaker, wide-ranging tweeter and a 210-watt woofer. It should pack a punch with the center speaker focusing on delivering clear dialogue. Since the sound isn’t contained to one room or a space, distortion canceling is on board to help make it as clear as possible.

Samsung’s The Terrace Soundbar, which has a one-year warranty, ships by the end of May for $1,199.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.