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Still hunting down an Xbox Series X? Well, that’s probably not getting easier anytime soon, but you can at least buy a mini fridge that looks just like it. Once a viral internet meme, the $99 Xbox Mini Fridge is now a very real product you can preorder right now from Target before it arrives in December — just in time for staying caffeinated during long Halo Infinite sessions.

While this isn’t quite the 6-foot-tall Xbox fridge that the company debuted last year as a marketing stunt, the Xbox Mini Fridge looks like a fun and potentially practical edition to your game room or home office. This diminutive home appliance quite literally looks just like an Xbox Series X, except that it opens up to store up to 12 beverage cans with a few shelves on the sides for extras and snacks. It even has a front-facing LED light just like the console that inspires it, as well as a USB-A port to keep your phone or Xbox controller juiced up.

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Microsoft says the “first wave” of the Mini Fridge is available exclusively at Target, with the gadget set to come to more retailers in December. Given the internet hype around this thing, we expect it to sell out as quickly as the Xbox Series X itself — so keep those preorder fingers at the ready.

Xbox seems aware of the high demand around its meme turned hot product, and says that its “working to bring the Xbox Mini Fridge to as many fans as possible and will continue to expand regional availability in 2022.”

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In the meantime, you’ll want to stay glued to this Target page for your chance to buy one. The fridge is showing as out of stock as of our last check, but we recommend keeping the page open and refreshing frequently. An Xbox rep was quick to note on Twitter that there will be more availability throughout the day, and again in December at multiple stores. And as always, we’ll be staying on top of the latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restock updates for those still looking to secure one of Microsoft’s new consoles for the holidays.