tree dasher 2 lead.jpg

Allbirds’ wool sneakers aren’t just for the city streets: The company’s Tree Dashers are meant for runners who like taking to trails in the great outdoors for their workouts. And now, the company has redesigned the running shoes to make them perform better on the trail — and more sustainable to boot. More than 90 pro and amateur runners gave them a go to make sure the fit and performance were everything they needed.

The Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 have launched in limited-edition shades of rust and cocoa as well as classic black and white.

While the overall construction of the shoe is much the same (eucalyptus uppers, supportive — and newly improved — SweetFoam midsole), there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface. The shoe has been rethought and tinkered with to get an even better fit designed to maximize the shoe’s capabilities, with tweaks like a new heel design to reduce the weight in the heel and a new pattern on the sole for better grip. The Dasher 2 is also .3 ounces lighter than the original Tree Dasher if you really want to get detailed, and it boasts a smaller carbon footprint (reduced by .6 kg).