Blundstone High Top Leather Boots

When it comes to the people in our lives who deserve the most, for many of us, Mom tops that list. Whether it’s your mom or grandmother, a maternal figure or any mom in your life, Mother’s Day is the chance to remind her just how wonderful and appreciated she is.

And what better way to show that than with a truly special, wow-worthy gift that’s actually worth the investment? Whether it’s a silk pajama set that’s also machine-washable or an espresso maker you can program to whip up your perfect drink, these are long-lasting, practical items that will be used so regularly that spending more on them just makes sense.

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This classic celeb-loved leather tote is the ultimate everyday bag. Responsibly made with soft, pebble-textured Italian leather, it’s the perfect balance of chic and super practical. And Mom is sure to have enough space for everything she needs.

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Lunya’s washable silk fabric is a dream — luxuriously soft, effortlessly stylish and machine-washable. What’s not to love? The brand’s new long-sleeve pant set is versatile enough for everything from errands to lounging and, of course, sleeping. Our favorite part? Whether you’re a hot sleeper or you sleep with a hot sleeper, the material keeps you cool all night long, even during those summer nights.

Editor Favorite

For the mom who loves her facials, this at-home device can help her achieve similar results without the pricey appointment. Similar to microcurrent facials you might get at a spa, this handheld beauty tool uses the same technology to gently activate your facial muscles. The result? Fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and an overall more toned and contoured appearance.

Flowers are always a classic Mother’s Day option. This stunning bouquet — full of vibrant orchids, roses, peonies and more — is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day, and their whole room.

Best Tested

An absolutely life-changing product, this espresso maker will make it so that you (or the mom in your life) never has to spend money on Starbucks, Dunkin’ or your preferred coffee shop ever again. With a fancy LCD display, you can customize countless parts of the brewing process to make sure your coffee is made just the way you like it, every time. Not only is it easy to use, it’s also fun to play around with and create different types of espresso drinks. No wonder we named it the best automatic espresso maker in our testing.

For the mom who needs to make the most of her downtime, make sure bed is the place to be with some incredibly comfortable, high-quality bedding. A splurge item that is absolutely worth every penny, this brushed cotton set is made from 100% cotton and crafted in Portugal. It’s the perfect combination of supersoft and luxurious feeling while still cozy and familiar.

Birdies makes some of the most comfortable, high-quality flats we’ve ever tried on; it’s like wearing a polished and professional slipper. This style is a classic option, and it’s available in tons of different colors and materials, and even two different widths.

For any moms who love to bake, we’d be hard-pressed to find a better gift than this bakeware set. Swap out the years-old, mismatched baking tins and trays with pieces that look great and are actually healthier for you and your family. Each component (of which there are 11) features a nontoxic coating and nonstick ceramic coating.

The design of this 14-karat gold ring is based on a traditional mother’s ring, a piece of jewelry that symbolizes pride and joy of being a mom. It can be accented with one or more birthstones, representing the woman’s child or children. While this particular option features a diamond, it’s also available in emerald and blue sapphire — two equally stylish options that also represent different birth months.

For many moms, comfortable shoes are nonnegotiable. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice style when it comes to Blundstone’s iconic boots. While you can’t go wrong with any of the brand’s high-top boots, this pearl leather option is just a little more feminine and dressy, perfect for pairing with everything from jeans to maxi dresses.

When it comes to digital picture frames, this full HD resolution option from Aura (with an over-10-inch screen) is the cream of the crop. It comes with unlimited cloud storage, so loved ones can add as many photos as they want to the frame — no matter where they are in the world.

Dusters are a great sweater to gift because they’re versatile, easy to style and always comfortable. This 100% Mongolian cashmere option is absurdly soft and relaxed yet professional, perfect for colder weather or an aggressively air-conditioned office.

When it comes to top-of-the-line skin care, we can’t recommend Tatcha enough. This four-step set comes with camellia cleansing oil, exfoliating rice polish, an essence made of fermented Japanese superfoods, as well as clarifying water cream for hydration.

For the stylish and fashion-forward mama, this mini bucket bag is a fun cross between a tote and a purse. Made from vegetable-tanned leather sourced from a family-owned tannery in Italy, the material is meant to age and show signs of wear as opposed to staying in pristine condition, something the brand describes not as a “defect” but as showing wear “beautifully over time.” The crossbody strap makes it a breeze to bring with you, while the front tie helps keep your things a little more secure.

For the tea- and coffee-loving moms out there, this kettle is everything you need to perfect your brew. It heats up super quickly, the variable temperature control makes it a breeze to select the precise temperature of water you need and the design makes for excellent pour-over control. Plus, it’ll look great sitting on any kitchen countertop.

Clearly not any old candle, this lavender-scented choice is the perfect combination of calming, fresh and serene without being overly floral. It burns slowly and truly does transform a space into feeling more like a spa. And, of course, the packaging is truly stunning. When you finally burn through the candle, you’ll definitely want to repurpose it into a bathroom container or piece of decor.

Best Tested

For the active and health-conscious mom on the go, there’s no better smartwatch on the market — especially if she’s never owned one or has an Apple Watch Series 3 or older. Seriously, we’ve tested a ton of smartwatches, and there’s a reason we’re calling the Apple Watch Series 8 the best out there. It boasts several key health and safety features like blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring.

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There’s simply no hair dryer that compares to the Dyson Supersonic. Not only does it help keep your hair healthier (thanks to intelligent heat control and four precise heat settings), it also makes drying and styling easier and faster than ever — something we can all appreciate.

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A great suitcase can make all the difference while traveling, and Away makes some of our all-time favorite luggage. This model is perfect for everything from a packed weekend trip to a longer getaway. With features like a water-resistant laundry bag and an ejectable battery pack, you can be prepared for tons of different travel situations. Plus, it’s absurdly durable, so you’re not just getting something that looks good.

Editor Favorite

Going to the gym can be tough to fit into any schedule, let alone a mom’s busy day. While there are a lot of options when it comes to building out an at-home studio and fitness routine, the Tempo Move is one of the most impressive options we’ve come across. All you need is a TV and iPhone, and you can jump into over 1,000 workouts along with real-time feedback. It’s compact, intuitive and a way to turn any space into your own studio.

When it comes to making home a Zen and peaceful space, we’re big fans of diffusers. The matte ceramic cover and unique shape of this option from Vitruvi makes it look more like a piece of decor than anything else, which is also a great way to ensure it gets used. This mist is nice and full, and the optional ambient LED light is another wonderful feature.

Riedel creates some of the best glassware, and its ultra decanter is no exception. It’s elegant, eye-catching and a stunning piece of barware. On top of that, it’s engineered to make any wine lover’s drinking experience even better. The long neck and wide body help sediment settle at the bottom while exposing the wine to more oxygen.

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Courant’s wireless charging stations are so much more than a gadget. They are gorgeously designed and super-useful pieces of innovative and practical home decor that you’ll get complimented on time and time again.

This necklace is simple enough that it’ll fit in with any woman’s jewelry box but also special and thoughtful enough to give as a gift. You can take your pick between a cluster of blue-toned stones like topaz and sapphire, or pink-hued sapphires.

Editor Favorite

Our favorite weighted blanket on the market, the Cotton Napper from Bearaby is made from organic cotton, so you never have to worry about glass or plastic beads. The weight — which can help you relax, feel more calm and even sleep better — comes from the fabric itself.

Once you downsize your wallet to a card case, there’s no going back — they’re way more convenient and easy to carry around. This chic option features Bottega Veneta’s iconic weave, a nod to its designer status sans the loud branding or hardware found on other similar styles.

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Skip the massage chair and opt for something even more effective and a lot more compact. This mini Theragun is a portable version of the brand’s larger massage guns, and a perfect option for someone who loves a massage but isn’t necessarily involved in daily, rigorous athletic training. It packs a ton of power for its size, and it’s easier to maneuver and bring with you wherever you go. Check out our Theragun buying guide here.

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Especially when warmer weather rolls around, there’s nothing like an e-reader to take with you on vacation, to the beach or while you’re traveling; it’s just the easiest way to make sure you always have a book on you. The Kindle Oasis is the most advanced of the Kindle family — not to mention it’s our favorite e-reader of 2023. It’s waterproof, lightweight, comfortable to hold and boasts an adaptable front light that will automatically adjust the screen’s light settings to best fit your surroundings.

Gifting perfume can be tough, but if we had to pick one that nearly anyone would love, it’d be the Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Toilette. Particularly for those who prefer warm, floral scents, this eau de toilette is elegant and fresh without being too sweet — some reviewers note it could be unisex.

Silk scarves are everywhere lately; they’re a great way to experiment with brighter colors and bigger patterns. You can wear them around your neck, in your hair or even on your bag. No matter how you style it, a silk scarf is an endlessly versatile accessory, and this option from Lost Pattern has been our recent favorite.

This collection is truly flattering on everyone. The products are easy to use and effortlessly gorgeous, and each one is a beautifully luxe staple that’ll be a mainstay in any mom’s makeup bag.

For the moms who love a good at-home workout, this weight kit features the brand’s famous wrist/ankle weights along with equally chic and aesthetically pleasing workout bars (a dumbbell replacement), a power ring and a beam. All of the pieces are wrapped in a supersoft silicone, which makes them easy to use and keep clean.

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One of the most used pieces of kitchenware in our kitchen, this Dutch oven is a classic for a reason. Not only is it perfect for all types of soups and stews, but it’s also great for cooking or frying just about anything evenly (you have the enameled cast iron to thank for that), and for other culinary projects like baking bread. It's available in various sizes and colors.

This classic chain bracelet is the perfect addition to any mom’s jewelry box. We love the idea of personalizing it (since it is engravable!) with a special message to make the gift that much more special.