Oprah Favorite Things 2022 Lead

Oprah’s Favorite Things have just been announced for 2022, and if anyone knows what’s good, it’s Oprah Winfrey. This year, the tastemaker has rounded up a highly giftable shopping list that includes categories like travel, kitchen, beauty, self-care and more, meaning there’s something for everyone from her curated selection. And, like previous years, she’s focusing on small businesses — more than 87 are featured on her list this year.

We’ve rounded up our favorite picks from her list below, but you can check out the whole thing over at Oprah Daily. Need more gift ideas? Check out our favorite gift ideas for men, gift ideas for women, Amazon gifts, Nordstrom gifts, ultra-practical gifts and gifts under $50.


Editor Favorite

A splurge, yes, but both Oprah and Underscored highly approve this purchase. "Point this smart projector onto any wall to turn it into a big screen," Winfrey says. "You can use your favorite streaming apps from it, and it’s got powerful speakers, just like a movie theater."
Editor Favorite

According to Oprah, “Adam Glassman hung the latest Echo Show on the wall of his kitchen and uses it every day.” No wonder: The Echo Show is sleeker than ever, with a vibe that’s more picture frame than tech, and it performs a myriad of highly useful functions like syncing family calenders, giving you weather updates and streaming shows while you cook. Read our review of it here.

This handy device is a rechargeable lighter, which justifies the price tag if you think about how many lighters you’ll buy over the course of a lifetime. Not only does the rechargeable lighter come with an LED flashlight, but the fact that we’ll never burn our thumb lighting a candle again is also a very strong point in its favor.
Editor Favorite

Ready for virtual reality? The Meta Quest 2, which has been rebranded from the Oculus Quest 2, allows you to dig deep into the metaverse. As Winfrey says, "When the first iteration of this virtual reality headset came out, we made it a Favorite Thing because we loved the way it allowed you to play games, take fitness classes and explore far-off places. This updated version allows you to do all that and more. Now you can explore every inch of the metaverse with a pal who also has a headset."
Editor Favorite

Theragun’s percussive massage devices have been exploding in popularity lately, and this mini version is perfect for using at home or on the go. The fourth-generation version is quieter than ever, and there’s a ton of other improved features too: This one “is even more compact and lighter than the original Mini,” writes Oprah.

Style and beauty

“These decadently creamy body butters are hard to beat," Winfrey says. "They’re so easy to apply and contain shea butter, cocoa butter and royal jelly to hydrate, strengthen and protect skin — including extra-rough spots. Original is scented with blackberry and rose; Rosemary Lavender is calming; and Chamomile & Myrrh and Tupelo Honey are extra gentle for sensitive skin. Split them among you and your friends.”

This five-pair set of hoop earrings in all different shapes and sizes is a perfect splurge for your favorite jewelry lover — the only hard part is choosing between gold and silver. See more of our favorite Advent calendars here.

Girlfriend Collective’s leggings are the stuff of legend by now, so it’s no wonder that they made Oprah’s list of favorites. Pick up a pair of the compressive leggings in a year-round three-quarters length on Amazon now — and yes, they have pockets. See more of our favorite leggings here.

"These gloves are from a female-owned business called Top It Off Accessories, and I am going to top them off by giving them with some hand cream," Oprah says. "The plaid print is a crowd-pleaser, and you can keep them on while you use your phone thanks to touchscreen capabilities."

And what hand cream does Oprah want to give this year, exactly? This gift set apparently, from Murphy & Daughters. "Not sure what to get for someone? Hand creams are my go-to," Oprah says. "They’re a thoughtful gift, especially for someone who has been kind to you. These Australian aloe-vera-based formulas feel silky, absorb quickly, and come in a tin box that was designed just for us."

“Some days you need your slippers to go the distance, like from the house to the mailbox," Winfrey says. "With quilted nylon on the outside and memory foam insoles, this plush pair, perfect for both moms and dads, makes it feel like you’re walking on a cloud.”

As much of an everyday essential as it is a travel essential, this backpack can fold up into a remarkably tiny zippered pouch. As Winfrey explains: “Made from 15 upcycled plastic water bottles fashioned into lightweight, water-resistant nylon, its party trick is that it can fold up into a zippable pouch you can stow away in your luggage, so you have an extra bag.”

These stunning earrings would be a perfect gift for someone you love.

Oprah and distinctive glasses go hand in hand, and these Peepers are a surefire way to get a ton of compliments, thanks to their striking looks. Think combos of tortoiseshell and green, black marble and more for statement looks all season long.

“These natural beeswax, sunflower and coconut oil balms are making their return to Favorite Things, but now they come in six new tints," Winfrey says. "Hand-poured in Idaho with recyclable cardboard packaging, these sheer colors would be great for a young person in your life.”

For the equally tech- and fashion-obsessed, we can't get over how cute and practical these phone slings are. It even has slots for your credit cards and cash.

Lands' End has been making solid outdoorwear for years, so when it comes to the elements, the brand literally has you covered. This quilted puffer coat is more quilting than puff, meaning you get all the warmth minus the bulk (and the hood is great for those wet winter days too).

Bubble baths are pretty much the ultimate way to decompress at the end of a long workweek or, uh, a family visit at the house. Gift yourself or someone dear the joy of a great soak with this bubble bath, which is just as prettily packaged as it is wonderfully perfumed, thanks to a blend of natural oils. “Something I know for sure is that you need a generous pour of bubble bath for the best tub experience. I’ve picked Margot Elena’s bubble baths a few times before because the extra-large glass bottles are so gorgeous,” says Oprah.

Sperry’s duck boots have long been a winter essential, but Oprah is super excited about this monochromatic version with some eco-credentials, thanks to a “SeaCycled” nylon upper.

It’s no surprise Dr. Barbara Sturm made Oprah’s favorite things list — a few rounds with this cleanser by the German dermatologist, and you’ll see exactly what she means. Any product from the line is good, but this is a great intro the full assortment, especially as winter’s harsh weather sets in.

These protective turbans help reduce the friction that damages hair and helps to lock in moisture overnight — and there’s literally no effort involved since all the hard work is done by the adjustable knot in front.

Spanx’s Air Essentials line is all about comfort and stretch with just enough shaping compression to make you feel slightly more polished wearing these than if you’d thrown on a pair of sweats. (Not only is Oprah a fan of these, this writer lives in hers too). According to Winfrey: "When I tell you this set feels light as air, I’m not kidding." She recommends pairing them with the Spanx AirEssentials Pullover too, naturally.

A carryall bag like this is something you can take with you literally everywhere — the gym, work, drinks after work, a dinner date and more. Made of vegan suede and available in lots of pretty colors, at under $50 it's a true steal.

Give yourself a good scrub with this two-piece set of a eucalyptus sugar exfoliator and a sponge to buff with. “Gloria Williams, aka the Footnanny, has been caring for my feet for years,” says Oprah — and this is part of Williams’ latest launch inspired directly by Winfrey. “She knows I love the smell of eucalyptus, so she made this sugar scrub scented with it. It’s divine!”

Home and pets

Editor Favorite

Cozy Earth, one of our favorite home brands, has a new waffle-weave collection really lives up to the brand’s name, and this set of toweling for the bathroom is a great one-stop shop for your family member or friend moving into a new apartment — or for a little holiday refresh for your own bathroom. Choose from charcoal, white or light gray. See more of our favorite towels here.

Best Tested

“Latte? Cappuccino? Macchiato? Whatever strikes your fancy, this machine is like having your own personal barista at home with you," Winfrey says. "The best part? All you have to do is roll out of bed and touch the button with the drink you want.” We named a De'Longhi machine the best espresso maker on the market too, so we can vouch for the quality.
Editor Favorite

Heading OOO with your pet this season? Roverlund’s Out-of-Office carrier (an Underscored editor favorite) is airline-compliant and comes in two sizes for small and larger pups. Forgot your leash on a busy travel day? No sweat — this one comes with a bright bonus one that’s just as durable and travel-ready as the rest of the bag.

When Oprah says something's revolutionary? You should definitely believe her. "This toaster lives up to its name. It’s revolutionary," Oprah says. "Consider this the iPhone of toasters. You can use the touchscreen to select one of seven brownness levels, and special heat technology means your bread gets crispy on the outside but stays soft and moist inside. Need to throw frozen slices in there? No prob! Craving a panini? It even has an attachment for that."

For those of us intimidated or put off by the thought of journaling, this card-by-card take on Oprah’s The Life You Want Planner (also on the list for $30) is a great way to start your day with intention and purpose over a cup of coffee — no notebook required.
Editor Favorite

A puzzle set from Jiggy, one of our favorite woman-owned brands, made the list this year. As Winfrey explains, "The 800-piece puzzles feature artwork by emerging female artists and come in a reusable glass jar that includes a tube of jigsaw puzzle glue and a straight-edge tool to spread the glue to transform the finished product into a piece of art."

The now classic children’s book is inspiring no matter your kid’s gender, and this “Changemakers” edition gives them a host of under-30 role models like Bindi Irwin, Keke Palmer and more that they can learn about and emulate as they grow up. ““If you read it, you can be it,” notes Oprah in her guide.

It’s the time of year to say yes to (and gift) all things cozy, and this lightweight-looking but super-warm blanket will deserve a place on your sofa or bed year-round (or on your family member's or friend’s, if you can bear to gift it away). "This throw is lined in the softest sherpa, but the outside is chic organic cotton that comes in three colors — a cinnamony shade, a cream color and, my favorite, a mossy green,” says Oprah.

An olive tree is a stunning sight, whether you’re passing by a grove of them or admiring the way a single branch’s silvery leaves catch the glint of sunshine. Now you can gift one of Mother Nature’s most stunning creations with this PlantOGram, which is honestly so much better (and more sustainable) than a bouquet that’ll wilt in a week.

This year, Oprah introduced us to a product we had never even heard of before. Think of it as a cooling coaster, which can keep your wine chilly for as long as you want to drink it. Now that's luxury.

A fantastic gift for an avid cook, this gadget can freshly grind spices at the press of a button.

If your gift budget is under $50 or so, you can never go wrong with a candle — especially a Snif one. This seasonal scent is all about pine, apple, rosemary, jasmin, sandlewood and cedar for a festive aroma that never overwhelms (and you’ll get 50 hours of burn time from this 8.5-ounce size too).
Editor Favorite

A pizza oven with Oprah's stamp of approval? We're in. You can read our review of the Solo Stove Pi Oven here.
Editor Favorite

Rumpl’s puffy blankets look light, but they pack a ton of warmth into their quilting — and they’re made to be water-resistant so you can curl up in them just as easily in front of the campfire as you can in front of the fireplace. Pick your lucky recipient’s favorite national park — or one you’ve shared together — for a winning holiday gift.


As someone who’s literally used a Chi to iron her clothes in desperation, the knowledge that this travel steamer exists is a really good thing to have. Oprah’s named it one of her favorite on-the-go products, and it gets rid of wrinkles in no time (it takes three minutes to reach its highest temp) when you need it most. However, we tested it and weren't completely impressed — but we did find an even cheaper alternative.

This travel bag is a quad of organizers in one: You get two small pouches (one for skin care, one for cosmetics?), plus a case that has a large open space and an interior zipper for storing extras you pick up on your next trip.

We’re always here for a practical but luxe-feeling $20 gift, and this velvet jewelry organizer is perfect for traveling during the holidays with all the jewelry that goes with the season’s festive looks. But back at home, it’s great as a jewelry box too — and looks great on the dresser.


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