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Welcome to Sagittarius season! “Sagittarius, symbolized by the half-human, half-horse Archer, is basically half intellectual, half party animal,” Claire Comstock-Gay, an astrologer (and Sagittarius!) and the author of “Madame Clairevoyant’s Guide to the Stars,” says. “On the one hand, they’re motivated by a deep desire for knowledge and higher meaning in life; on the other, they’re spontaneous, adventurous and totally fun. This is a sign with a bottomless appetite for new experiences.”

With birthdays from Nov. 22 to Dec. 21, Sagittarians typically prefer spending money on experiences rather than on things, “especially if the experience involves travel,” Comstock-Gay says. “If you want to go big, splurge on a trip,” she suggests. On the other hand, Comstock-Gay points out that the Sagittarian focus on experiences over things means that “they tend to neglect their own physical surroundings a bit! Their birthday is the perfect chance for you to get them the kind of beautiful, cozy or interesting objects that they’ll love, but that they might not think to buy for themselves.”

Ahead, with the help of Comstock-Gay, we’ve picked out some incredible gifts to help you celebrate the Sagittarius in your life.

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"These perpetual explorers can have a hard time slowing down! A cozy weighted blanket will help them relax and stay grounded during the long, slow winter months," Comstock-Gay says. We rated the Bearaby Cotton Napper as one of our favorite weighted blankets because it’s stylish and it doesn’t get overly hot like other options on the market.
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Sagittarius is a fire sign, so gifts that give a nod to their fiery side are sure to please. This hot, hot honey is absolutely delicious on pizza, cheese and crackers, popcorn and more.

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We're obsessed with this take on zodiac jewelry that incorporates gemstones and crystals into the design based on the recipient's specific birthday. The backside of the pendant can also be customized with their birthday, initials and zodiac glyph.

Because of the Sagittarian love of travel, any travel gifts, including and especially practical ones, will be welcome. In their zest for life and eagerness to get on the road, it is all too common for a Sag to forget something mundane but deeply useful like a universal adapter. Be their hero and buy them one.

Flower seed paper is a special type of paper that's embedded with wildflower seeds, and which can be planted in soil — either in the ground or in a pot — and tended until it sprouts. These paper hearts are a great gift for the Sag who likes to leave flowers in their wake on their many travels.
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To keep the Sag in your life comfortable and well rested during their next spontaneous trip, equip them with this cotton sleep mask — our pick for best overall sleep mask. It's one of those gifts people won't know they needed until they have it.

Anyone who travels frequently knows that there will be times when your electronics lose their juice. Portable chargers solve this problem, and this particular model is outfitted with a flashlight function for even more problem-solving power!

Of course, there is no shortage of less-than-practical gift ideas to delight the travel-loving Sag! The wandering Sag will adore this eye-catching mini instant camera that they can take on their journeys to document all their adventures. It comes in nine colors, including bright pink, blue or purple, and film is included.

"Fire signs, like Sag, can suffer more than most in the darkness of winter!" Comstock-Gay says. "Get your Sag a nice candle or two to keep their spark alive. (Bonus points if you skip the regular old vanilla scents and go for something interesting and unusual.)" A cute lidded candle can provide insta-cozy vibes while traveling, and can be easily packed away once it cools.

These sturdy, leakproof and customizable containers are a genius gift for the traveler. The Cadence Capsules snap together and can be filled with grooming products like moisturizer, medications, jewelry and lots more — plus, you can customize them with your own labels to give them a bespoke feel.

For the adventurer who has it all, gift them a unique way to keep track of their travels. This scratch map is beautifully designed and arrives printed in black and gold. Once they scratch off a country, it’s revealed in a bright color.

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One way that a Sagittarius may try to satisfy their need to explore and discover is through reading. Whether it’s a nonfiction book about a country they’ve always wanted to travel to or a historical fiction book that whisks them off to another world, they can carry it all with them (wherever they go), thanks to this e-reader (which we named the best budget e-reader) and Underscored editor favorite.

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Whether they’re diving into a new podcast or their favorite artist’s latest album, Sagittariuses can’t get enough of the things they love. Make sure they’re listening comfortably (and with the best audio quality) with these earbuds, which we’ve declared as the best true wireless earbuds money can buy.

A great piece of luggage makes a great gift for anyone, but especially for the travel-loving Sagittarius. Away's water-resistant nylon travel bag has loads of compartments, and it can work equally well as a gym bag as it can for overnight trips.
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Sagittariuses are known for their competitive streak, so chances are they’ve gone too hard during a hike, workout session or sports game. This Theragun massage gun delivers powerful, deep muscle treatment to help speed up recovery and relieve the body of stress and tension.

Fun-loving Sagittarius is likely to be a big fan of games. A fancy deck of cards is a surprising gift that is perfect for someone who likes to take their fun and games on the road with them.
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Sagittariuses are well known for their love of animals, so chances are they have a four-legged friend. For any cat owner, this gorgeous piece of home decor (which is an Underscored editor favorite) is also a feline’s favorite hideaway.
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For the Sagittarius pup owner, this kit comes with three adorable, color-coordinated must-haves: a lightweight harness, dirt- and water-resistant leash and poop bag carrier. Both you and your pet will be turning heads with this stylish set of everyday essentials. It's yet another Underscored editor favorite too.

"Ruled by lucky Jupiter," Comstock-Gay says, "Sagittarius tends to be optimistic! But even Sag can use a little extra good fortune. Give them a boost with a lucky talisman like a cornicello necklace or citrine ring."

No matter how extensive their athleisure wardrobe may be, the sporty Sag in your life will love a new set to run around in. Opt for something fun and a little unexpected with these emerald green metallic leggings and matching sports bra. See our picks for the best leggings and the best sports bras here too.

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Satisfy any Sag’s quest for knowledge with a monthly MasterClass membership. For just $15 per month, they can access tons of classes from over 100 instructors. Read our review of it here.

Whether they’re preparing for an international adventure, gearing up for a weekend road trip or just heading to the gym, a reliable pair of comfortable and breathable performance pants is a must-have. These feature a slimmer fit and more structured silhouette, so it won’t look like they’re rolling out of bed wearing sweatpants.

Perfect for a girl’s night in or any low-key family gatherings over the holiday season, these knit pants are unbelievably soft, comfortable and stylish. We’ll be living in them all winter long, and can’t recommend them enough. For a really wow-worthy gift, pair with a matching knit tank or bralette top.