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The wonderful thing about Valentine’s Day is seeing kids get so excited over marvelously sappy little gifts. And if there were ever a February that needed an extra infusion of lighthearted fun, it’s this one.

By celebrating love in all its forms on February 14, you’re telling your kids that romance isn’t the be-all and end-all. A valuable lesson, no? So here are 24 ideas to remind them that your love is, and always will be, the real deal. Whether your heart belongs to a toddler, tween or teen, we’ve got hearts day sorted for you. Want more ideas? Check out our favorite heartfelt gifts, gifts for him, gifts for her and our guide to flower delivery too.

Lego Bricks & More Cupid Dog ($49.99;

Lego Bricks & More Cupid Dog

Even kids who aren’t into Lego (are there any?) will be drawn to this irresistible canine cherub. With 150 pieces, this set is a challenge, yet it comes together quickly enough that young children won’t lose interest.

Rainbow Unicorn Tea Set ($49;

Rainbow Unicorn Tea Set

Sure to be an heirloom, this magical metal tea set has everything they’ll need to be the happy host. All the pieces can be stashed in the little suitcase and toted off to tea parties in the park, yard or on the porch.

Gund Be My Boo ($20.95;

Gund Be My Boo

Don’t know Boo, the well-coiffed, petite Pomeranian with 17 million social fans? That’s OK; kids do. Yours will swoon over a life-size plush Boo (sporting angel wings!) swooping in to show your love on Valentine’s Day.

Cat & Jack Pizza Hearts Graphic Tee ($6;

Cat & Jack Pizza Hearts Graphic Tee

Here’s the perfect cool yet practical present. It’s seasonal without screaming Valentine’s Day, so they’ll wear it for months to come. And at this price, you can outfit as many kids as you’d like.

ALilBitOfCute Kawaii PB&J Heart Necklace Set (starting at $17.55;

ALilBitOfCute Kawaii PB&J Heart Necklace Set

Are these not the cutest things for two sisters or besties? Handmade of polymer clay, each necklace has a teeny pewter knife or spoon charm with a smidge of “peanut butter” or “jelly” on it. You can pick a silver-plated, gold-plated or stainless steel chain.

Glowing Bath Time Buddy ($15;

Glowing Bath Time Buddy

Pop one of the two included glowing cubes into a Buddy, and pleading with your kid to get into the tub is officially a thing of the past. Submersible Buddies glow, float and, with bendable limbs, can chill on the soap dish or climb the shower curtain. Light cubes go out when dry and each lasts 72 hours.

Godiva Bear With Chocolate Hearts ($29.95;

Godiva Bear With Chocolate Hearts

For a classically sweet gift, may we suggest this limited-edition teddy clutching a scarlet sack of milk and dark chocolate hearts? Introduce them to the good stuff early, we say.

Rowan Fierce Love Sterling Studs (starting at $36;

Rowan Fierce Love Sterling Studs

Bring on the bling for your best girl. With cubic zirconia lightning bolts and a tiny berry, these dainty earrings are hypoallergenic and nickel-free. Also available in gold vermeil.

Cubcoats Sao the Sloth ($35; and

Cubcoats Sao the Sloth

If your preschooler insists on bringing a stuffie everywhere, check out this clever idea. It starts out as a friendly tree sloth (lots of other animals can be had, from dinosaurs to dogs) and morphs into a plush hoodie when it gets chilly on the playground. It’s machine-washable and has a soft silicon zipper too.

Cat & Jack Baby Love-a-Saurus Set ($12.99;

Cat & Jack Baby Love-a-Saurus Set

Comfy and cozy, this is an Insta-worthy outfit for your cutie patootie’s first Valentine’s Day. Notice the spikes on the dino are hearts! Grandma will melt into a puddle when she sees them in this.

Calico Critters Cute Couple Set ($18.39, originally $24.95;

Calico Critters Cute Couple Set

Stella Rabbit and her “new boyfriend, William Cinnamon Rabbit” (stop it!) can hold hands as they step out in their date night finery. The besotted bunnies come with roses and a bouquet holder tied with a bow. These two are adorable on their own, or they fit right into any of the Calico Critters play sets.

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cube ($7.99;

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cube

Baby Shark hysteria never fades, does it? That’s just fine, though, since hearing “Baby Shark” makes your tyke so darn happy. Momma Shark here plays that cheery earworm when pressed. Watching your 2-year-old dance to it? Priceless.

Jellycat Cosmopop Rocket Plush ($23;

Jellycat Cosmopop Rocket Plush

The smiliest spaceship in the galaxy is sure to get your sweet kid grinning too. The squishy fellow, standing tall on metallic boosters, is ready to take off on any mission, no matter how daring. Say, providing moral support during yet another morning of virtual kindergarten.

Capsul Heart Block Brass Bracelet (starting at $25;

Capsul Heart Block Brass Bracelet

You can never go wrong with a shiny bauble for a tween. This thin rope bracelet with a lobster clasp is available in a gold, silver or rose gold finish, or with an initial or a Swarovski pavé heart block. No matter how you design it, though, they’ll never outgrow the stunningly simple finished piece.

You’re a Llama Fun Valentine’s Day Cookie Card ($5;

You're a Llama Fun Valentine's Day Cookie Card

A llama adorning a Valentine’s greeting may seem random, but the furry creatures are a thing lately with kids. Inside the gift box (which doubles as a card) is an individually wrapped Cheryl’s cookie thick with buttercream.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer ($29.95;

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

A bright red retro toy reimagined is just the thing to surprise your curious kid on Valentine’s Day. Turn seven shots that will take your kid to his happy place into a custom reel to go with the viewer. More reels can be ordered separately for $14.95 each.

Sparkl Creations Reversible Magic Sequins Notebook ($11.99;

Sparkl Creations Reversible Magic Sequins Notebook

They’re irresistible: sequins that flip and change the pattern when you run your hand over them. This notebook is not only addictive but useful. With lined pages, an attached cloth bookmark and a pen holder, it will serve your kid well for school or at-home journaling.

Ourlife Camera and Video Recorder ($28.04, originally $36.99;

Ourlife Camera and Video Recorder

Don’t be fooled by the pink hearts motif or the affordable price. This video camera takes high-quality footage. It comes with an 8GB memory card and an attachment to mount it to bikes and helmets. It’s also realistically designed: It has a waterproof case in case those bike rides get a little too adventurous.

L.O.L. Surprise! Lights Pet ($12.99;

L.O.L. Surprise! Lights Pet

The reign of surprise toys is still going strong, and this is arguably the cleverest example. Each pet is covered in fur, like Cousin Itt! Kids peel off the fur a bit at a time to discover which critter they’ve been gifted. When finally de-fuzzed, the pet will be left rocking a signature hairdo. It comes with a black light to reveal the pet’s unique glow.

Dear Valentine Letters Mad Libs ($6.28;

Dear Valentine Letters Mad Libs

Mad Libs never fail to make kids laugh. This time, they’ll rewrite syrupy love letters into hysterical notes. The book has silly stickers for the finishing touch on each greeting, left where the recipient is sure to find it. Think bathroom mirror, pillow, next to the remote or even in the fridge.

Step2 Unicorn Rocking Horse ($54.99;

Step2 Unicorn Rocking Horse

Whee! Set their little heart aflutter by trotting out this mythical ride. The soft, pastel mane, gold horn and clippity-clop sound effects work together to make magic. The sturdy base will make their journey to the land of make-believe as secure as it is thrilling.

FromJennifer Bow and Arrows ($27.50;

FromJennifer Bow and Arrows

Calling all Cupids. This handmade bow and arrows set is easy and safe to play with. Each arrow is tipped with a colorful wool ball (you pick the colors) and painted with stripes to match. The bow is crafted in a way that guides the arrow, encouraging eager archers.

Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Heart Magnets ($4.99, originally $5.99;

Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Heart Magnets

If you’re looking for a festive but simple craft, pick up this can’t-miss kit. Kids can festoon wooden heart magnets with paint and glimmery stickers. The finished products can be shared with friends or proudly displayed on the fridge.

DecoraArt Cheerful Clouds Umbrella ($36;

DecoraArt Cheerful Clouds Umbrella

Keep them looking toward brighter days ahead by bestowing this unbearably sweet bumbershoot. It has a wooden handle and tip, along with a safety mechanism that’s little-finger friendly. Take a close look… The raindrops are hearts! Sold.