Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket
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The weather is finally cooling down, and if you’re in need of a new blanket to snuggle up in, you’re in luck. We asked our editors to name their favorite blankets they’ve ever used so you can stay warm and cozy all winter long. From light fleeces and weighted blankets to chunky knits and durable adventure throws, here are nine of the coziest, comfiest blankets we’ve tried.

Urban Outfitters Amped Fleece Throw Blanket ($39, originally $49;

Urban Outfitters Amped Fleece Throw Blanket

If you need a throw to keep you cozy on the couch while you binge-watch some fall TV shows, I recommend this very fuzzy throw from Urban Outfitters. It’s your basic soft blanket, but I love that it’s usually on sale ($10 off right now!) and comes in a range of colors, so you’re sure to find one that blends in seamlessly with your living room décor. I happen to have two myself! —Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

Bearaby Velvet Napper (starting at $289;

Bearaby Velvet Napper

I’m a very hot sleeper, which means that weighted blankets are usually impossible for me to use comfortably. But that was before I was introduced to the Bearaby Velvet Napper earlier this year. The magic partly comes from the construction of the blanket, which is an open weave or braid pattern that allows for airflow through the night (or a nap). Even the fabric is cool. Though it feels exactly like any other luscious velvet out there, it’s actually made from recycled marine plastic. The new colors are just gorgeous too, and perfect for fall. —Rachel Lubitz, lifestyle editor

Bedsure Fleece Throw Blanket (starting at $12.74;

Bedsure Fleece Throw Blanket

I use blankets so often, it feels weird to sit down without one. I love these because they’re soft, lightweight and affordable. They’re the perfect thickness for keeping me comfortable without causing me to overheat. —Dan Hollister, SEO analyst

Threshold Microplush Bed Blanket in Caramel (starting at $20;

Threshold Microplush Bed Blanket in Caramel

Not only is this clearly my cat’s favorite blanket, it’s also mine. Made of that irresistible signature Target microplush, I first fell in love with this blanket because of its color. A rich, warm caramel that’s not too orange is really hard to come by. Then it managed to keep its softness through multiple washes and I couldn’t imagine a better blanket out there. It’s light enough to snuggle with through all four seasons and it’s become my go-to napping blanket in the middle of the day. —Rachel Lubitz, lifestyle editor

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket ($99;

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

This washable, packable, super-warm blanket has been my number one ever since I got it. It has a similar material to a sleeping bag, so it might not feel as soft as a knit blanket, but I personally like the smooth texture. Plus, it’s super warm and even has a cape clip so you can wear it around and keep your hands free. I’ve taken it on multiple camping trips and whether it’s in the tent or on the couch I — and my dog — love it! —Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

Casaluna Chunky Knit Bed Blanket (starting at $59;

Casaluna Chunky Knit Bed Blanket

This Chunky Knit Blanket from Target’s Casaluna collection looks and feels much more expensive than it actually is, at just under $60. Though it’s technically advertised as a decorative bed throw, I often find it wrapped around me when I’m cuddled up on the couch with my pup. Best of all, the sweater-knit material is midweight, so I never overheat, yet it still provides me with an extra layer of warmth on cooler nights. —Stephanie Griffin, social strategist

Gravity Blanket Weighted Blanket (starting at $146.25, originally starting at $195;

Gravity Blanket Weighted Blanket

I was really hesitant to get a Gravity Blanket because of the price and…well — it’s a lot of money. But it not only is cozy, comfy and available in fun colors, but it really just puts me at ease at the end of the day. It’s a splurge, but one that I wish I did sooner. —Jacob Krol, tech and electronics editor

Dusen Dusen Stripe Throw Blanket ($180;

Dusen Dusen Stripe Throw Blanket

This knit blanket from Dusen Dusen makes me so happy. I love the bright colors and design, but I wouldn’t be able to purchase a pretty throw blanket that’s this pricey if it weren’t also comfy. This throw is incredibly soft and comfy, and as someone who pretty much always wraps up in a blanket while sitting on the couch, I’ve found this to be the perfect couch blanket. It’s pretty enough to be left out all the time at the foot of my couch, but cozy enough that it’s always the first blanket I reach for. It’s the perfect weight without being too heavy, and I have used it through pretty much every season (even summer). —Hayley Saltzman, head of social

Be Humance Weighted Throw ($199;

Be Humance Weighted Throw

In my opinion, a good weighted blanket is well worth the investment. I particularly like this one from Be Humance because it is much smaller and lighter than the average weighted blanket, at just 8 pounds. Made to be reversible (white on one side and charcoal gray on the other), this weighted blanket makes me feel as if I am under several layers of sheets and has helped me sleep better at night, even when my partner keeps the windows open on freezing cold nights! If you run cold or simply have trouble sleeping at night, this weighted blanket is for you. —Stephanie Griffin, social strategist