The Company Store Rani Multicolored Vintage Floral Reversible Patchwork Quilt
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If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bedroom is the soul. It’s where we release the tensions of the day, enjoy the rest we need, and can finally Zen out.

While a lot of people consider every space in their home multipurpose, many experts believe the bedroom should be for sleeping and relaxing only. When our bedrooms are too cluttered, full of distractions and mismatched patterns, it can actually interrupt our slumber.

And especially at a time like this, there should be at least one area of our homesteads that oozes comfort. If you’ve got extra time on your hands to obsess over the little details of decor, consider starting a DIY project that will make your bedroom super cozy.

From painting to hanging removable wallpaper to swapping out bedding and more, try these 14 ideas to create a heavenly oasis.

Apply removable wallpaper

The best part about removable wallpaper is that it requires little commitment — and little skill — on your part. Lee Mayer, the CEO and co-founder of Havenly, says while it’s a bigger project, the impact is instant.

“Consider applying a calming wallpaper — perhaps florals or soft abstract swirls — behind your bed and frame the space with molding,” she recommends. Want something with more punch? Ya got it, Mayer notes: “You can tailor the size to what best fits your space — but for a more dramatic look, feel free to take it a little higher.”

Try this: Peaches Removable Wallpaper ($49;

Peaches Removable Wallpaper

Bright and cheery, imagine how cute this would look above a bed.

Newlin Floral Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll ($18.99, originally $22.50;

Newlin Floral Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll

Wayfair’s got a whole lot of removable wallpaper to choose from, but we’re in love with this art deco floral, this one featuring some beautiful peacocks, and this white brick pick.

Tempaper Moody Floral Removable Wallpaper ($125;

Tempaper Moody Floral Removable Wallpaper

Subtly sexy and romantic, this dark-hued wallpaper is ideal behind your bed or even on the opposing accent wall. Best of all, you can try different areas without going all-in, since it’s removable.

Get rid of the TV — or find a way to hide it

Sure, many households have a television in the living room and one in the bedroom. While there is something cozy about tuning in to the late show while snuggling with your honey, it’s actually healthier to have fewer electronics. Gena Kirk, vice president of design at KB Home, says you may sleep better at night and wake up more refreshed and productive if you skip the TV set in your bedroom.

If you aren’t ready to let go completely, she suggests finding a way to hide it when it’s time to snooze off. For a DIY project, paint shutters within your color scheme and use them to cover up the screen. Or you can buy an armoire for this purpose.

Try this: Andover Mills Caines TV Armoire ($265.99;

Andover Mills Caines TV Armoire

At first glance, it looks like a wardrobe. But at second, it’s actually ideal for concealing your television at bedtime. Classic — and easy.

Choose a paint that matches your goal

Don’t underestimate the impact of a fresh coat of paint. The hardest part, of course, is choosing what hue to go with, which is why Katie Stix, design director at Anderson Design Studio, suggests selecting the right color based on your goal.

If you want a calm, happy color, opt for a soft greenish gray. For a light, bright and airy energy, she suggests a creamy white. For increased intimacy, try lavender. “If you can, spend some time with the samples before you make the final decision. See what they look like in different lighting,” she adds.

Try this: Ultra-Hide Zero Lilac Bouquet Satin Interior Paint ($84.98;

Ultra-Hide Zero Lilac Bouquet Satin Interior Paint

Creamy, romantic and smooth, this soft hue will make your bedroom inviting and warm. Try a few small sections before you commit fully, and then let the paint do its magic.

Try different textures and colors for bedding

More than anything else, your bed makes the biggest statement in your bedroom. Paloma Martinez, the director of culture at Bonhomme Hospitality Group in Chicago, says bedding is the main actor in the movie of your bedroom, so it should match or work well with the walls. But what makes us feel at ease varies by person, so experiment with textures and colors to find the right match for your preference and style.

Try this: Mellanni 1800 Collection Sheet Set ($26.97;

Mellanni 1800 Collection Sheet Set

Made of brushed microfiber, this sheet set is not only durable but super-soft. What we like best about this company is how expansive its collection is. With 40 colors and patterns, you can find something that catches your eye.

The Company Store Rani Cotton Patchwork Quilt (starting at $189;

The Company Store Rani Cotton Patchwork Quilt

With a nod to nostalgia, we love the vibes this classic quilt is sending. It makes us feel relaxed, while also mixing various textures together to create a sophisticated bedding look.

Find ways to fight clutter

As much as you can, Martinez says, it’s essential to keep your bedroom tidy. “If you see your bedroom clean and organized it is going to give you a more relaxed feeling. We trust in our eyes, and this instantly gives you a calm and relaxed feeling,” she explains.

There are many ways to improve the organization of your bedroom, from a hamper (or several) for dirty clothes, to storage benches. Whether you make them or buy them, find ways to conceal clutter.

Try this: Andover Mills Halvorson Upholstered Bench ($133.99;

Andover Mills Halvorson Upholstered Bench

This silky upholstered bench is ideal for storing blankets, throw pillows or even slippers while you sleep.

Bay Isle Home Rect Folding Bamboo Laundry Hamper ($27.99, originally $39.99;

Bay Isle Home Rect Folding Bamboo Laundry Hamper

With light colors and a classic design, this bamboo hamper is pretty and practical. Consider buying a few to sort your lights, darks and delicates.

Be mindful of the size of your rug

Maverick Watson, a project expert for, says while rugs can instantly make a bedroom cozier, selecting the best one for the space is important. Sort of like Goldilocks, you want something that’s just right. “They are a great option to tie a room together, but be careful to not get one that’s too large or small to distract from the space,” he recommends.

Try this: NuLoom Waterfall Vintage Abstract Area Rug, 5’ x 7’$2 5” ($65.70;

NuLoom Waterfall Vintage Abstract Area Rug, 5' x 7' 5"

Vibrant enough with some neutral accents, a rug this size is perfect for adding right around your bed.

Experiment with scents

Matthew Milèo, the founder and owner of Milèo New York, says aromatherapy is one of the best ways to immediately change the mood and ambiance in a stale bedroom.

“Natural scents have been scientifically proven to show mood altering results such as lowering anxiety, soothing stress, promoting sleep, and even inducing sexual behavior,” he explains.

There are many ways to experiment here — either with fragrant linen sprays, essential oils with diffusers, or candles. Mileo suggests pairing a floral with a citrus or wood, resin or root to create a well-balanced scent that’s aromatically pleasing.

Try this: Pedestal Warm Tones Gift Set ($50;

Pedestal Warm Tones Gift Set

In this set of four candles featuring a coconut wax blend, you’ll have a powerful and soothing scent story, without overwhelming your senses. With 25 hours of burn time, mix and match fragrances of goji tarocco orange, persimmon and copal, baltic amber, and gilt pomander and hinoki.

Add layers to your bed

And no, we don’t just mean your top sheet and comforter. Rather, interior designer Luka Sanders recommends pillows and a throw to make your bed that much more inviting.

“Try two larger pillows along the headboard behind your standard sleeping pillow, and smaller decorative ones in front,” he says. “You can either fold your throw in half at the end of the bed or go with more natural placement by having it drape to one side.”

Try this: Project 62 Texture Faux Fur Throw Blanket ($24.99;

Project 62 Texture Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Beloved by customers, this blanket is available in an array of soft colors and is extremely, extremely soft.

Jill Soft Hypoallergenic Medium Polyester Body Pillow ($39.99;

Jill Soft Hypoallergenic Medium Polyester Body Pillow

Don’t you just want to hug this oversized body pillow? Great to spoon with at night and to add layers to your bedroom look during the day, this cozy comfort serves several purposes.

Invest in mood lighting

Watson says the ambiance of a bedroom is largely determined by the lighting in the space. If you are going for a romantic cozy approach, he suggests a warmer light. This can be approached via a chandelier, ceiling light, wall sconce — or even lightbulbs.

As one of the easiest DIY projects, investing in smart bulbs can make a big difference in what message your light story tells. “A warmer light can instantly do the trick, making your nights spent at home feel tranquil and snug,” he adds.

Try this: C by GE Tunable White Bulbs ($24.99, originally $34.99;

C by GE Tunable White Bulbs

What’s best about this new set of bulbs from GE is the many moods they can create. Whether you want energizing daylight in the morning or a soft, warm white to relax before bedtime, you can sync them to your needs.

Play with rugs with texture

Want a small shift that’s not only easy but provides instant gratification? If so, Martinez suggests trying textured rugs. They’ll feel soft under your toes, while also bringing color and warmth and absorbing noise so you can rest peacefully.

Try this: Ruggable Stormy Grey Shag Rug (starting at $139;

Ruggable Stormy Grey Shag Rug

The best part of this shag rug? It’s entirely machine-washable. Available in both cream and gray, this can be with you for years.

PawBrands Pup Rug ($149;

PupRug Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed

Fido needs some coziness, too! Rather than having a dull, drab dog bed for your best friends, upgrade their sleeping arrangements with this plush approach. Available in various sizes and colors, it’ll have them wagging their tails until they fall asleep.

Plaster an old lamp

Mayer says modern organic style is very on trend at the moment, meaning natural textures, relaxed textiles and distressed finishes — a style that exudes coziness. One easy DIY project is to transform an old lamp into an organic masterpiece by using old-fashioned plaster.

“Wrap your lamp in the plaster cloth — following the packaging directions — and top with a fresh coat of paint,” she says. “So easy for such a sophisticated output.”

Try this: Scenearama Plaster Cloth Roll ($19.99;

Scenearama Plaster Cloth Roll

Roll up your sleeves and put this plaster to work! Once you’ve finished your lamp, look around to see what else could use a cozy makeover in your bedroom.

Arrange the space to spark joy

If you follow the principles of feng shui, Watson says, your bed should be in the middle of your room to create a straight line from the entryway to either the right or left side of the bed. If you can’t do this, it’s time to rearrange and declutter.

For even more Zen, Watson says to also consider adding wall sconces on both sides of the bed and incorporating greenery throughout the room — especially in corners — to provide balance.

Try this: Mercury Row Hickerson 1-Light Dimmable Armed Sconce ($75.99, originally $87;

Mercury Row Hickerson 1-Light Dimmable Armed Sconce

Gold, polished and soothing, these sconces are subtle and calming and have a dimmable option, so you can turn down the lights down low.

Paint your own headboard

One of the simplest ways to create a headboard is to paint one on the wall. Mayer says the beauty of this project is that you can truly customize the look, feel — and drama! — you want to achieve in your bedroom.

For something minimalist and Scandinavian, Mayer recommends a traditional square, extending out a foot on either side of your bed as well as a foot above the top of your pillows. You can also play with sculpted styles, like this one, for a more playful theme.

Try this: Backdrop Paint ($59;

Backdrop Paint

A few shades of a color of your choice and you have an impressive and whimsical headboard. Experiment with a handful of swatches before making your selection.

Remove old blinds and replace with drapes

Sanders says removing old blinds and shutters will take out the old and bring in the calming new. Plus, if you aren’t exactly handy, it only requires a drill and a few screws to finish the job.

“Start by measuring your window, you always want accuracy in DIY projects and never want to just guess a measurement,” he instructs. “To create a feeling of openness, hang the rod close to the ceiling and make sure the bottom of the drapes just skims the floor.”

Try this: Deconovo Room Darkening Window Curtain ($14.99;

Deconovo Room Darkening Window Curtain

There are plenty of reasons to love these curtains, but perhaps their versatility is the best one: The light can shine through in the morning, waking you up technology-free, but they’re still thick enough to give you privacy at night.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.