Our Place Minis

Our Place might have first tackled the problem of too many pots and pans with the launch of the brand’s Always Pan and Perfect Pot — two units built to do, respectively, everything your fry and sauce pans could do, or that your brasiers, pasta pots and stew pots could. Then it came for the rest of our cupboards this summer, with the launch of ovenware built to replace cookie sheets and roasting tins.

Now it’s back with a new launch for those of us with super-tiny kitchens or who are living on our own — or for those of us who need more than one pan or pot going at the same time for a meal and could use some auxiliary units.

Meet the Mini Perfect Pot and the Mini Always Pan. Great for cooks for one, #vanlife, studio flats or the dorm rooms of aspiring chefs (otherwise yes, get a cheap $10 pan; it’s college), this cookware does everything the larger versions do, just … smaller.

They’re also great to get your collection of pots and pans to a reasonable four: Two large units and two smaller units should tackle most kitchen projects handily. You can opt to snag the Minis individually — $115 for the Mini Always Pan and $125 for the Mini Perfect Pot — or as a bundle via the Mini Home Cook Duo for $195.

Shop them now at Our Place’s site in all the colors you know and love from the brand, though we have a feeling they’re going to sell out quickly.