Thermacell EL55 lead CNNU

The weather may still be chilly right now, but before you know it, the sun will be shining and it’ll finally be time to venture into the outdoors again. But if you spend your time hiking, camping and enjoying long nights around a fire pit, there is one summer staple you’re probably not excited for: mosquitoes.

If you get eaten alive whenever you’re trying to enjoy nature (or even just your backyard), you’ll be relieved to hear that Thermacell just announced its latest mosquito-repelling gadget. The Thermacell EL55 Mosquito Repeller + Glow Light promises to keep your evening mosquito-free, while acting as a soft lantern.

Thermacell's new EL55 is a 2-in-1 repeller and lantern that can illuminate your activities while keeping mosquitoes at bay. The added lantern and extended battery life are welcome additions to a mosquito repeller we already love.

We tested the old Thermacell E55 — which doesn’t have a light — and absolutely loved how effectively it kept mosquitoes at bay. It’s simple to use and extremely portable, and you don’t have to worry about spraying bug spray all over the place.

With the new EL55, you get the same safe and effective repellency of the original E55, which slowly releases repellant into the air to create a mosquito-free zone of up to 20 feet. However, the EL55 adds a built-in light with a brightness of 50 to 200 lumens and a battery life nearly double that of the old E55 at 9 hours. If you run the repeller with the light on at the same time, that battery life goes back down to 5.5 hours.

We’ll be testing the new Thermacell EL55 soon, but if you want an upgraded way to enjoy mosquito-free nights in nature, you can snag the new two-in-one repeller and light at Thermacell and Amazon for $50 now.