Cat Person Canopy Bed
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Our furry housemates can seem flexible about where they snooze. Above all, they want to be near us, and so can be spotted sleeping on bath mats, atop radiator covers, on ottomans or even stretched out on the hard floor.

That kind of devotion, though, can be hard on bigger and older dogs. And even young, small breeds and our feline friends appreciate a nice bed in which they can feel secure and comfortable, especially when we’re not around. Indeed, “Young pets may sleep anywhere, but they also probably will want a soft bed to retreat to at times,” affirms Sarah-Anne Reed, holistic dog trainer at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

Pet beds come in nearly as many sizes, shapes and fabrications as human beds. You need to put a little thought into your selection, based on your own pet’s needs. Here, we share our picks for top contenders. We chatted with experts and combed through countless 5-star reviews to come up with these. And we thought about you, too: Not a one will ruin your home’s aesthetics.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed (starting at $69.95;

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

It’ll be extra comfy for any dog, but the 4-inch memory foam core in this cushy sleeping spot will do one better for older and large dogs, easing joint pain. We like the eco-friendly design too. It’s made without formaldehyde, phthalates or lead. “If your dog is the sprawling type, he may prefer a flat rectangular shaped style,” notes Reed. Thanks to the no-slip bottom, it’ll stay put when your doggo tries (again) to jump into bed with you.

Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed ($299;

Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed

A cat bed that smacks of a MoMA exhibit? We’re in — and they will be in too, once they see that custom-fitted faux fur blanket lining the inside. No, it isn’t cheap. But it’s different in the best possible way. And that’s kind of the point, especially if your painstakingly curated home aesthetic is nearly as important to you as your precious puss.

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler (starting at $24.99;

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler

Let’s get the cuteness out of the way. Any animal curled up in a big mound of fuzz is going to wind up on social on the regular. Now, for the actual features: extra filling inside that’s designed to support and cradle your fur baby and a raised edge that acts as a headrest. Chic color options and a multitude of sizes seal the deal. “My English bulldog, Tootsie’s, favorite bed is a round, donut-shaped bed that she can snuggle in and rest her head on the side,” shares Reed.

Petmaker Cozy Cave (starting at $24.59;

Petmaker Cozy Cave

Just picture your coy kitty poking her head of this snug, sturdy hiding spot. The pillow inside is removable, with one plush side and one smooth side. “Many cats like to sleep somewhere they feel hidden away, so a covered cat bed may be best for them,” says Dr. Karin Sullivan, medical director for the Arizona Animal Welfare League. Beds for cats and small dogs are often interchangeable, so this option could be ideal if you have one of each. It’s available in four colors besides the coffee tone shown.

Tree Hugger Pet Bed ($175;

Tree Hugger Pet Bed

The rounded alder wood frame of this modern pet bed is available in two sophisticated finishes. “If your dog is one who likes to curl up and feel protected, a round-shaped bed with a rise around the edges will make them feel cozy,” notes Reed. You can choose from nine shades of durable cross linen weave fabric for the puffy pillow. That fabric is strong and resilient, yet doesn’t feel ruff (sorry, had to).

Whisker Memory Foam Cat Bed ($55;

Whisker Memory Foam Cat Bed

“If your cat loves to get on the couch, then a mini couch-type cat bed may be ideal,” says Sullivan. This one is especially suited to pets as they age, ensuring the perfect amount of support for a cat nap. Also, the waterproof, removable exterior layer makes this elegant sleeping spot easy to keep clean and wash.

Casper Dog Bed (starting at $139;

Casper Dog Bed

This dog bed, from the same company that makes the popular human mattresses, is a standout. It’s structured with double-layered memory foam. “Older dogs, or those with injuries or arthritis, are probably going to prefer a softer, cushier abode to relax on. They will also appreciate a slightly raised edge where they can rest their head and have their spine supported,” says Reed.

Cat Person Canopy Bed ($80;

Cat Person Canopy Bed

The sculptural, compact design of this hidey-hole will have it fitting seamlessly into your home, or even outside on a deck or patio when kitty wants fresh air on warm days. The canopy can be folded down or taken off to suit your cat’s whims. Ideal for kittens and small to average adult cats, it’s made of felt and available in three color combinations.

Maxbone Dream Catcher (starting at $180;

Maxbone Dream Catcher

Understated and extra elegant, the Dream Catcher is a boon if you’re a parent to a fluffy cat or a dog who sheds a lot, such as a Lab. The upholstery-grade cover can be popped off to shake out, then thrown in the washer and dryer. Plus, it lends excellent orthopedic support, along with a handy little ledge for your dog to rest his chin on, looking up at you with those big eyes.

La-Z-Boy Tucker Sofa Dog Bed ($99.95, originally $119.99;

La-Z-Boy Tucker Sofa Dog Bed

Given how many of us grew up lounging on La-Z-Boy sofas in our living rooms, it’s little wonder we love the idea of our beloved pets kicking back on them too. Check out this luxe velveteen number. Andrew Carter, AKC international judge and executive vice president of product development at K9Wear, has purchased hundreds of dog beds in his career. Washability is a key factor for him. “Dog beds get dirty; they ideally have a zip-off cover for ease of washing.” Check!

Snoozer Cozy Cave (starting at $75.95;

Snoozer Cozy Cave

For the many dogs who love to burrow under pillows and couch throws, this cool invention of a dog bed is a no-brainer. Plenty of cats will contentedly crawl inside too — it’s lined with Sherpa. “Dogs in the wild make cozy dens,” notes Carter. “A dog bed should be slightly larger than the size of the dog.”

Sebastian Says Cactus Silk Dog Bed ($300;

Sebastian Says Cactus Silk Dog Bed

Talk about a pampered pooch! Your prince or princess will feel like royalty on this exquisite floor pillow. Each pouf is unique, woven of extra-soft wool by African artisans. “Soft and comfy is what I want every one of my dogs to have,” shares Carter. Sweet dreams on this stunner are assured.

K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Dog Bed ($209;

K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Dog Bed

It can be hard to find an inviting, cozy bed that’ll stand up to what a puppy dishes out. This one does! Made in the USA, it’s scratch-resistant, waterproof and dig-proof. Plus, it gives you a 120-day chew-resistant warranty. “I found tough exteriors are vital for the outside of a dog bed for a puppy,” says Carter.

Tuft + Paw Kip Cat Cushion (starting at $99;

Tuft + Paw Kip Cat Cushion

Super soft yet able to stand up to claws, this brilliantly simplistic cat bed is designed to be both cute and comfortable — how rare! It comes in three sizes, including wide, for the portly pusses among us, and tall, so even Norwegian forest cats can nestle nicely. It also comes in ivory.