Allbirds has been around for quite a few years now, but the brand that’s known for making “the world’s most comfortable shoes” is showing no signs of slowing down.

Founded in 2014 by New Zealand native Tim Brown, Allbirds has been defined by simple design and comfortable construction since the beginning. The brand first saw success as a Silicon Valley staple (which makes sense for the San Francisco-based startup). But the sneakers have quickly racked up popularity with celebrities like Jessica Alba, fashion icons like Sarah Jessica Parker and even environmentalists like Leonardo DiCaprio. Today, you’ll see Allbirds on everyone from college students to busy parents, dancers, nurses and others who are constantly on their feet.

But the internet-famous shoes don’t come cheap: The majority of styles start at $95. And the brand makes a lot of different claims about the quality, comfort and maintenance level of its shoes. That’s why we’ve broken down everything you’ll want to know before you invest in your own pair of Allbirds.

Allbirds produces seven types of sneakers — Runners, Dashers, Toppers, Skippers, Pipers, Trail Runners, Mizzles and Flyers — along with three other styles: Loungers, Dwellers and Breezers.

Are Allbirds comfortable?

In short, extremely. The sole of an Allbirds shoe is made from a proprietary low-density foam that contributes to the shoe’s extremely lightweight feel, its main distinguisher from other typical sneakers. The shoes’ insoles are made from a proprietary merino wool fabric that gives Allbirds its signature “walking on a cloud” sensation. The wool fabric is billed as both moisture-wicking and odor-minimizing (more on that later) and is also used on the outside of the Wool RunnersWool Mizzles and Wool Loungers.

Allbirds Runner

Which Allbirds claims stack up?

When it comes to everything a shoe can do for you, Allbirds claims to be able to do a lot. Here’s a quick breakdown of how some of them stacked up against our testing and experience with the Wool Runners, Tree Runners and Tree Toppers.

So soft you can go sockless: You can definitely wear Allbirds sockless. The Wool Runners, in particular, are super soft and feel almost slipperlike without socks. They’re a breeze to just slip on and off, making them our quick and convenient shoe of choice for everything from running errands to heading to a workout like yoga or swimming.

However, if you’re planning to spend a full day on your feet, we recommend wearing socks — purely to maintain the soft and comfy quality of the shoes.

Wearing Allbirds Sockless

Minimizes odor: When worn with socks, it was almost impossible to detect any odor despite long days and even moderate exercise. This is in part due to the temperature control abilities of the material. Even without socks, we barely experienced any odor. That may be due to Allbirds’ merino wool material, with wool being a naturally odor-resistant material. It also holds up well against sweat and bacteria, which helps to minimize any long-term odor.

Temperature control: If you suffer from sweaty feet or plan to wear your Allbirds throughout the summer, definitely opt for one of the Tree models. They’re super lightweight, breezy and all-around great for hot temperatures. While the Wool Runners are lightweight as well, and fine for warmer climates, they impressed when it came to keeping our feet warm and cozy during the cold Northeastern winter. If you’re going to be trekking in any slush or snow, just be sure to opt for the Wool Mizzles over the Wool Runners, since they feature a weather-repellent Puddle Guard to keep your feet dry.

How to wash Allbird shoes

The big question: Can you just toss these in the wash? Surprisingly, yes. Washing your Allbirds is a great way to prevent odor or stains, especially if you wear them a lot and in environments where your feet are exposed to puddles, dirt or other undesirable elements. Allbirds recommends removing the laces and insoles from your shoes, then washing them in cold water with a gentle detergent. However, there is a caveat when it comes to the Wool Runners. The more you wash your shoes, the faster the material starts looking worn-out. This is especially true for the lighter shades. Over a couple of months and washes, the Wool Runners in Natural White, which are some of our best white sneakers, started to stretch (especially around the toe) and the color gradually became more dull and less white.

And one more thing: Never put your Allbirds in the dryer! One of our editors accidentally threw his Tree Runners in the dryer, and they came out looking just fine, but there are horror stories of Wool Runners post-dryer being completely ruined.

Allbirds Runners

What Allbirds style and size is right for me?

The first decision to make is whether you’re looking for a sneaker or something a little different. Allbirds produces seven types of sneakers — Runners, Dashers, Toppers, Skippers, Pipers, Trail Runners, Mizzles and Flyers — along with three other styles: Loungers, Dwellers and Breezers.

Women’s Tree Skippers

$100 at Allbirds

Tree Skippers

Women’s Tree Toppers

$110 at Allbirds

Tree Toppers

The eight sneaker variants differ in a few key ways, the main distinguisher being material. The Tree Toppers and Tree Skippers are basically low-cut and high-top versions of the same sneakers. The Tree Skippers are extremely lightweight and perfect for summer. The Tree Toppers are pricier, but we’re big fans of the stylish high-top. Both shoes feature a slightly flatter sole and wider toe box, giving your foot more space but less support.

Women’s Wool Runners

$110 at Allbirds

Wool Runners

Women’s Tree Runners

$105 at Allbirds

Tree Runners

The Wool Runners and Tree Runners are Allbirds’ classic styles, and some of the most comfortable sneakers out there. The sneakers are particularly flexible and supportive, and truly engineered for all-day comfort. They’re the perfect type of shoe for city trekking, day trips or long walks. If you’re not sure which material to opt for, wool is softer and better for colder climates, while the Tree is breezier and better for warmer climates.

Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles

$125 at Allbirds

Wool Mizzles

Women’s Wool Runner-Up Mizzles

$145 at Allbirds

Wool Runner-up Mizzles

The Mizzles are a take on the Wool Runners that features natural rubber treads and the brand’s own Puddle Guard technology. Available in both normal and high-top versions, the wool keeps your feet warm, while the shoe’s design ensures your foot doesn’t get too wet — though Allbirds makes sure to emphasize that these aren’t waterproof. They’re perfect for anyone who’s willing to spend a little more to make a sneaker purchase go further and last longer (or, of course, if you live in a colder, wetter climate).

Women’s Wool Pipers

$110 at Allbirds

Wool Piper

Women’s Tree Pipers

$105 at Allbirds

Tree Piper

If you’re looking for a low-cut shoe perfect for running errands around town, the Pipers are the shoe for you. The super-stylish and minimalist shoe can pair with any outfit and be a true everyday sneaker.

Women’s Tree Dasher 2

$135 at Allbirds

Tree Dasher 2

If you’re in need of a running shoe, Allbirds has you covered with its new Tree Dashers. With a one-piece upper knitted from FSC-certified eucalyptus tree fibers and a dual-density SweetFoam midsole, these shoes are the perfect balance between comfort and performance. We tested them when they launched last year and loved the support and flexibility they provide. You can read our full Women’s Tree Dashers review here.

Women’s Trail Runners SWT

$140 at Allbirds

Trail Runners SWT

And if you like to take your runs to the mountains, check out Allbirds’ Trail Runners, which are super-durable and provide excellent stability and traction so you can focus on your run. Plus, they feature a water-repellent finish to help keep your feet dry.

Women’s Tree Flyers

$160 at Allbirds

Allbirds Tree Flyer

Available in both women’s and men’s styles, Allbirds’ Tree Flyers are the brand’s ultimate long-distance running shoe. They contain all the necessary specs to make them appropriate for running long distances, from a cushion-y footbed with plenty of flexibility to breathable materials conducive to high-intensity and high-impact activity — and they look good while doing it.

Women’s Wool Loungers

$105 at Allbirds

Wool Loungers

Women’s Tree Loungers

$100 at Allbirds

Tree Loungers

If you’re looking for ultimate comfort, the Loungers are the way to go. Available in both men’s and women’s styles, they’re the perfect shoe to slip on and off for running errands or any number of day-to-day tasks. They’re less supportive than the sneakers, however, so don’t choose them if you’re looking to go on demanding day trips or long walks. Reviewers say they feel “like wearing a super-comfy pair of socks” everywhere they go, and that they hold up great in both hot and cold weather.

Women’s Tree Breezers

$100 at Allbirds

Tree Breezers

The Breezers are a classic flat, available in one style (but a ton of super-fun colors). They’re perfect if you’re looking for something more work-appropriate than a sneaker.

When it comes to sizing, be sure to size up. Allbirds says that most customers choose to size up in every style except for the Tree Runners, which we would also recommend. Luckily, Allbirds offers a no-questions-asked 30-day trial period, when you can return or exchange your shoes for free.

Wool Dwellers

$65 at Allbirds

Wool Dwellers

An ultra-cozy slipper, the Allbirds Dwellers are perfect for a lazy day around the house.

Sugar Sliders

$50 at Allbirds

Sugar Sliders

Sugar Zeffers

$40 at Allbirds

Sugar Zeffers

The Sugar Sliders and Sugar Zeffers are the newest items in the Allbirds lineup. Both shoes are made with sustainable sugarcane, which isn’t just sweeter for the environment but gives the shoes a bouncy feel and lots of cushioning that makes them excellent for all your on-the-go needs.

Are Allbirds worth it?

If you haven’t been able to tell by now — absolutely. The comfort and style combined with high-quality materials are something you can’t find in other sneakers.

The only thing to be cautious of, particularly with the Wool Runners, is that the wear you get out of them over their lifetime might not be as long as what you would get out of typical running shoes. The wool material is more delicate, susceptible to staining and starts to show wear after a couple of weeks. One way to counter this is not to wear them as your only pair of sneakers, but as a type of comfy sneaker shoe that lives alongside your grittier sneakers or running shoes. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy them longer.