Healthy Human Curve water bottle
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You may not expect much from a $25 water bottle on Amazon — we sure didn’t. But the Healthy Human Curve proved to be a powerhouse in terms of durability, and top of the line in plenty of other ways. We looked at it thoroughly as part of our water bottle testing piece, and it scored higher than any other bottle in the field, barely showed signs of damage after being dropped multiple times.

And the price! The $24.99 bottle hung in there with some of the more well-known and high-end brands, like the $50 Hydro Flask. While the Healthy Human Curve left a bit to be desired in terms of keeping liquids hot for long periods of time (for that, we recommend the S’well), we found it to be the most well-rounded insulated water bottle.

Healthy Human Curve 21 ounces ($24.99;

Healthy Human Curve 21-ounce water bottle

Why we love it in a sentence

The Healthy Human Curve keeps water cold and is exceptionally durable, and its price makes it the runaway best pick in the world of insulated water bottles.

Formidable strength

The highlight of the Healthy Human Curve is definitely its toughness. It performed remarkably well during drop tests, outperforming all the other bottles (including the Yeti). We dropped it three times on its body and three times on its lid, all from five feet above cement. While other bottles got giant dents or even cracked their insulation, the only wear the Curve showed was chipped paint. The lid took a bit more of a beating, but the hard plastic held up remarkably well.

The Healthy Human Curve was the highest-scoring bottle in durability, which is huge for anyone (like our tester) who still hasn’t mastered basic motor skills and drops stuff all the time. It’s a lifesaver knowing that even if it slips out of your hand every once in a while it won’t break or dent too much.

Most importantly, the Curve never once leaked during our testing, so you’ll have peace of mind whether you’re throwing it in the bottom of your gym bag or it’s rolling around on your car floor.

Original design

With its wavy features, the Healthy Human Curve definitely stood out from the rest of the bottles we tested. The aesthetic can be described as an acquired taste — but the curves definitely give the bottle a unique look as well as make the bottle extremely easy to hold. Fingers fit in between the bumps for a notably secure grip. The paint layer also has a nice texture to it, which adds some extra security.

There’s a big loop on top for carrying, plus it comes with a little carabiner for clipping onto a bag or backpack.

Another big plus for the Healthy Human Curve are the color options. On Amazon, it’s available in 17 colors, including Hawaiian Pink, a wood-grain design such as Harvest Maple and even a funky marbled color like Ocean Tide. One downside is there’s only one size — 21 ounces — unless you go for the Healthy Human Stein, which comes in sizes up to 40 ounces. We didn’t run the Stein through our tests, though.

Keeps its cool, but loses some steam

Healthy Human’s “Tempmax Vacuum Insulation” technology is made up of five layers. First, the sheet of stainless steel that your drink touches, followed by a layer of copper to help insulation, a vacuum (meaning whatever is on the inside can’t pass through), then another steel layer, and finally a sturdy paint finish.

This construction enables the Healthy Human Curve to keep water cold, even after 24 hours. When testing with cold water, the Healthy Human saw a rise of 10.1 degrees Fahrenheit over a 24-hour period, which is right around the average rise of 9.98 degrees across our testing pool.

The Healthy Human Curve didn’t do as well with hot water. In our testing, boiling water dropped 73.7 degrees Fahrenheit over a 12-hour period, which was slightly more than the average mark of a 72.26-degree drop.

Overall, the Healthy Human Curve is perfect as a daily water bottle that keeps ice water cold throughout the day. If you are looking for the best thermoregulation or something to keep beverages hot, however, you should probably opt for the S’well.

More to love

Besides the hard numbers, there are a lot of other features that make the Healthy Human Curve a great bottle. It has a wide mouth which makes drinking out of it is quite easy, so you don’t need to worry about spilling even if you’re speed-walking to the bus. Plus, the added diameter is a saving grace if you like adding ice to your water to keep it extra cold, and it makes cleaning much easier.

What we like most about the lid is that its design is universal across all Healthy Human bottles. Whether you’re getting a different model or a different size, one standard mouth size makes lids interchangeable. It’s simple and easy to swap out a standard lid for Healthy Human’s nifty Flip n’ Sip lid, which has a latching cover over a chug cap to make drinking even easier. The lid is an extra $14.99 (Amazon says it’s for Healthy Human’s Stein bottle, but hot tip: it also fits on the Curve), and we think it’s well worth the price if you’re drinking on the move — like during workouts, walking or driving.

Bottom Line

Whether you simply dig the way it looks or you’re searching for the best value in an insulated water bottle, look no further than the Curve. It has solid thermoregulation performance (especially for keeping drinks cold), it’s easy to grip, it offers easy lid swapping options, and if/when you drop it, there’s no need to worry, because it’s built to last. Perhaps best of all it’s just $25.

You can buy the Healthy Human Curve for $24.99 right now on Amazon.

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