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When you’re tight on space but want to keep your floors debris-free, choosing the right vacuum can be a Catch-22. Sure, you can opt for an inexpensive cordless vacuum, but most offer the suction power of a toddler breathing through a straw. Or you can splurge for a Dyson, but do you track that much dirt through your house to justify their often exorbitant price tag?

Break free from that conundrum with the Jashen V16 cordless vacuum cleaner. This Dyson-like cordless vacuum, on sale now for $159.99, can keep your floors spotless and your wallet (nearly) full.

We’ve been using the 2-in-1 vacuum for two weeks and, overall, have very few complaints.

Setting up

Jashen V16 cordless vacuum cleaner

Unboxing, you might get a bit of a shock, what with all the separate parts staring you in the face. Fret not: While it looks like an impossible 3D puzzle, the vacuum is a cinch to put together.

You’ll find the main motor, battery, the stick, three smaller attachments, and the dual charging wall mount (you can purchase a spare battery separately). All that’s needed is charging up the battery (it takes about an hour to fully charge the first time on the mountable charging dock), clicking it into the motor once juiced up, and popping whichever attachment strikes your fancy and you’re on your way to cleaning bliss.

Using the vacuum

Here’s something you won’t hear every day: This vacuum is actually pretty fun to use. First off, it’s not eardrum-piercing loud like some vacuums out there, but more of a quiet hum. Then there’s the digital screen that alerts you to the suction power (which can be easily adjusted from low to medium to high with a button on the front of the vacuum), battery life and when to clean the filter. So it feels a bit more high-tech from other cordless vacuums, and doesn’t leave you guessing as to when it’ll up and die on you midway through tidying up.

The Jashen is also incredibly light and has gymnast-level flexibility, able to easily contour to fit underneath furniture and around table legs to reach spots other vacuums wouldn’t come close to hitting.

And then (sorry for burying the lead) there’s the suction. Even on mid- and low-powered suction, the Jashen has no problem lifting dirt and debris from floors — be them hardwood or carpet. You’re able to switch out the brushes (there’s a smooth dust brush and a more toothy brush for deep carpets) on the main stick attachment. Better yet, a simple pop and click is all it takes to switch between the two.

Jashen V16 cordless vacuum cleaner

We really put the Jashen to the test, throwing crumpled chips, dust mites, and even sawdust (fine powdered sawdust across hardwood floors alongside heavier wood chips) at it. The vacuum had no problem picking any of it up and, in fact, had an awe-inspiring, almost mop-like ability to pick up even the finest of sawdust on our hardwood floors. It was actually pretty amazing how spotless the floors looked after just a quick once-over with the Jashen vacuum, transforming them from a dusty woodworking mess to able-to-walk-barefoot clean. We also like that you can use this as a handheld vacuum by simply detaching the stick and clipping on one of the three smaller attachments to hit furniture and curtains.

And, after picking up so much dirt and dust, the filter is easy enough to empty out. You can either remove it fully to bang it out into the trash, or opt for the quick and easy method of simply hitting the hinge that pops open the bottom of the filter to dump out any lint and dirt that may be quickly accumulating.

Even on high power, we were able to get upwards of 40 minutes of runtime with the Jashen, enough to hit the living room, kitchen, and bedroom with enough juice left to suck up lint from the couch and side chairs — and not once did it lose suction before it died.

Our only qualm was with the mountable charging dock. While it’s nice that mounting hardware is included, you need to have the dock plugged in at all times, so if you’re short on outlets, it might be hard to find an ideal, out-of-the-way spot to hang it in your home. But it’s by no means a deal-breaker.

Bottom line

Combining smart functionality, powerful suction, adequate runtime and ease of use, the Jashen is a formidable opponent to muck and dust. While it might not be as powerful as the top-of-the-line Dyson stick vacuum, at nearly half the price, you’re not sacrificing much in terms of power if you opt for the Jashen V16 at $159.99.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.