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With the seasons shifting and extra time spent at home, we’ve begun to notice the way allergies and dust affect us throughout the day. A great way to reduce dust, allergens and even odors is by using an air purifier. The Luft Cube Portable Filterless Air Purifier is a $99 device (with promo code LUFT10) that you can easily carry with you from your home to your car or office for cleaner air wherever and whenever you need it. Included with your purifier is a USB Type-C charging cable, an air vent cap and a collapsible rubber cup holder.

Luft Cube uses patented Solid-State Photocatalyst Purification technology as well as a UV LED light to eliminate mold, bacteria, unpleasant odors, allergens and toxic chemical gasses. While we can’t guarantee the product is 100% effective in all it sets out to do, we did find that it was quiet and eliminated dust on the surface area we kept it on.

We like the Luft Cube because of its size and functionality but recognize the price is fairly steep. Considering how small the device is, the price may seem out of balance. But the function of the device, the hassle-free cleaning and the quiet fan make it a purchase we think is worth the splurge. Let’s dive into details.

Using the Luft Cube

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The purifier is small. It’s an exact cube measuring 3.14 inches on all sides. For the small size, it packs a mighty punch when it comes to air intake. The design allows it to draw air in from 360 degrees around the cube. Luft Qi says it works fairly well in rooms that are about 10 feet by 18 feet and even better in smaller spaces. It’s convenient for use on a desk, dresser, nightstand or, if you’re carrying it around, in the car. It’s also super lightweight, making it easy to throw in a backpack or purse. The size also makes it easy to put away and store when not in use. We kept ours on a nightstand but stored it away when not in use. It fit easily in a nightstand drawer without taking up a dramatic amount of space. When we moved the device to our desk or into our bathroom, it fit in spaces easily there as well.

The power button is subtly placed on the front of the purifier, giving it a sleek look. While it looks really sleek, it also took us a couple seconds to be able to find it. Once we did, we discovered the purifier operates in two modes. Lightly tapping on the power button turns the device on into a standard mode, and a second tap will turn on the night mode. Standard mode is louder than night mode but still pretty quiet. When left on without any background noise, the fan could be heard, but if you’re using the device while watching TV or listening to music, you won’t be bothered. Night mode is perfect to use if you want to keep the Luft Cube on while you sleep. It’s significantly quieter than the standard mode, and even when left on a nightstand right next to the bed, we didn’t find the sound distracting or disruptive. A third tap turns the device off.

Along with the sound of the fan, there’s a small purple light on the inside of the purifier that comes on when the device is in use. At first we thought this would be another distraction when using the device at night, but it’s not extremely bright, and the light can only be noticed when looking directly down onto the purifier. It was a cool aesthetic for an already sleek device, but overall the light wasn’t necessary for anything beyond looks.

The Luft Cube claims to be filterless, but that should be corrected to paper filterless. There’s a small metal mesh filter that sits inside the device and can be easily removed, cleaned and popped back in. Getting the filter out was a breeze (you simply twist it in the direction the arrows are pointing in on the bottom and it pops out). Cleaning it was even simpler, and after running the piece under water, wiping it off and letting it air dry, we placed it back into the purifier and were ready to use the device again.

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To tell whether or not the device was effective, we used it throughout the day and kept the device on overnight. As mentioned, we noticed a decrease in dust on the surface we left it on and found it had collected a small amount of dust inside when we cleaned the metal mesh filter. It wasn’t an overwhelming amount of buildup, but it was definitely enough to show us that it was effective. It was used in rooms smaller than the 10 feet by 18 feet Luft Qi claims the device is meant for. Luft Qi also claims the filter never needs to be replaced, and we feel like this is accurate, so long as you take proper care when cleaning the metal and don’t let it build up with too much dust.

One con to the Luft Cube is that it needs to be plugged in in order to be used. We would have liked if it was a rechargeable battery for ultimate convenience when it comes to portability. The charging cable included has a USB-A output, so it fits in most standard car charging ports, but you’ll need to provide your own wall plug if you’re using it around your home in a traditional outlet.

Final thoughts

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For $99 with promo code LUFT10, the Luft Cube Portable Filterless Air Purifier gets the job done albeit at a high price. It’s a tiny device in comparison to other air purifier options, but it’s effective if you’re looking to use it in a small space or if you’re looking for a more portable option. We really like that it takes up minimal space on surfaces while also maintaining a relatively quiet fan that isn’t distracting. Cleaning the metal mesh filter is super easy. We’d like it better if you were able to charge the device and use it without being plugged in, but we won’t complain since the lack of a rechargeable battery helps to keep the device so small.

Overall, the Luft Cube performed well in removing dust and debris from the air in our space. It’s available in five different colorways so you can coordinate your device with the aesthetic of your home. If you’re looking to keep a small space cleaner and have the money to spend, the Luft Cube is an excellent purchase.