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Ring is expanding into smart, bright, motion-activated outdoor lightning

The line features eight products that are available to preorder

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Ring, the company most famous for its video doorbells, is expanding into smart lighting. In the same way it tackled smart home technology like alarms, Ring Smart Lighting is cutting the cost and making installation a breeze.

Ring Smart Lighting starts at just $24.99 and is available for preorder now, with a launch on March 6. This includes a Bridge ($49.99; amazon.com) which connects the lighting kit with Ring’s doorbells and cams. So if one of the lights detects motion, it can sound the alarm on other devices. It’s a neat concept and should allow for full integration across Ring’s products.

The Ring Spotlight camera can attach almost anywhere.

The lighting product line comes in wired and wireless options, as the video doorbells do. The Ring Floodlight Wired ($69.99 amazon.com) shines a bright 200-lumen light when it detects motion. If you want a wireless option, Ring is releasing several. The Ring Spotlight ($39.99; amazon.com) is perfect for above a doorway or on a wall, while Ring Pathlight ($29.99; amazon.com) can be placed along a sidewalk or driveway. Ring’s Steplight ($24.99; amazon.com) is an excellent option to illuminate a pathway or stairs.

The Ring Battery Floodlight ($49.99; amazon.com) will shine 600 lumens to light up a driveway, yard or street. It should act as the first deterrent to would-be burglars or trespassers. Motion Sensors ($24.99; amazon.com) that work with lights, doorbells or cams to activate a series of devices at once are available.

Ring's Motion Sensor will work across its line of products.

If you have conventional outdoor lights, you can hook up a Ring Transformer ($99.99; amazon.com) to gain partial smart control over them. You will need the Ring Bridge for the connection to work.

Ring Smart Lighting should give Ring users more piece of mind, since lights will allow you to pick up motion quickly. Plus, it can work in conjunction with the cams and doorbells to alert you. For instance, if your camera picks up movement at the side of your home, you can use the Ring App to turn on the Ring Spotlight to see what is out there.

Since Amazon.com owns Ring, the entire ecosystem of products works with Alexa, allowing users to easily monitor their homes from any Echo, in addition to receiving alerts and detections through these devices.

Smart lighting makes sense as the next step for Ring, since it provides Ring users with more accessories that can live under one app, and will help it compete with other DIY security and intelligent home ecosystems.

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