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It’s hard not to love Serena Williams. She’s won 23 Grand Slams. When she lost a Grand Slam last year, she openly praised her generation-younger opponent. She’s talked openly about her struggles with postpartum depression. And just last month, when she won her 73rd singles title at the Auckland Classic, she donated the winnings — as well as the earnings from auctioning off many of her match-worn dresses over the past 20 years — to Australian bushfire relief.

The tennis champion’s latest win? Her limited-edition collab with Instagram-favorite luggage brand Away: The Away x Serena Williams collection, which launched Monday. Williams, who knows her way around an airport as well as she does a stadium, has co-designed suitcases and packing tools as dynamic as she is.


The collection includes four polycarbonate suitcases, four softside expandables, packing cubes in four sizes, and small and large shoe cubes — all in the Rouge shade, of course, as red is a color associated with power, strength and passion (and yes, we have already visualized that a suitcase set could make the perfect corollary Valentine’s Day gift with a pair of tickets to somewhere beautiful). The bags all have a cute multicolored camo interior, 360-degree wheels, TSA-approved combination locks, limited lifetime warranties and 100-day trials. The hardshell bags can be personalized with three hand-painted letters, and both hard and softside bags come with silver foil stamped personalization of the camo luggage tags.

underscored away serena tag

The line is the first rollout of a two-year partnership between Williams and Away, so expect more extra colorful travel accessories to come. Below, check out the top pieces of this must-have collection.

Away x Serena Williams Classic Polycarbonate Suitcases ($225-295;

underscored away serena carryon

Bold, capable and stylish — like their creator — in four convenient sizes and with multicolored camo pattern inside.

Away x Serena Williams The Expandables ($275-345;

underscored away serena slightly open

Living up to their name big time, these expand if you need still more space, and there are four different sizes to choose from.

Away x Serena Williams The Insider Packing Cubes, Set of Four ($45;

underscored away serena packed packing cubes

If you’ve always thrown all your clothes into your suitcase with no organizing structure, welcome to a new millennium — and a way of packing that will save you time and stress, and is aesthetically pleasing to neat freaks.

Away x Serena Williams The Shoe Cube ($45;

underscored away serena shoes

Obviously, shoes and clothing should not be packed right next to each other without a barrier. The shoe cube — an entirely new accessory for Away — comes in small and large, and prevents ground debris on soles from soiling your clothes. The water-resistant nylon can be wiped clean in moments.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.