• Erica Fink is the supervising producer for CNN Tech, leading CNN's coverage of the technology industry, as well as the people behind the innovations that change our lives and make scientific breakthroughs.

      Fink is also the executive producer of CNN's first CNNgo original, Mostly Human with Laurie Segall, a six-part investigative docuseries, exploring sex, love, death - humanity - through the lens of tech. Fink oversees the video strategy for technology coverage across the network's platforms, including premium digital video, domestic and international television, and streaming content for CNNgo.

      Prior to that Fink served as the senior tech producer for CNNMoney, creating award-winning series focusing on the cultural impact of the technologies we use every day, ranging from an inside look at the hacker community to new forms of harassment and drugs in Silicon Valley. She was the executive producer of several CNN specials, including Revenge Porn: The Cyberwar Against Women, which won a Gracie Award.

      Fink graduated from Cornell University where she was the editor-in-chief of The Cornell Daily Sun, and is a New York City native.