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  • Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace, right, asks South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg a question during a town hall with Fox News Channel on May 18, 2019 in Claremont, New Hampshire. Buttigieg, one of 23 Democrats seeking the 2020 presidential nomination, pitched four distinct tax hikes at the event when asked about the deficit.

    What to expect from debate moderator Chris Wallace

    Brian Stelter, Molly Jong-Fast, and Mark Lukasiewicz discuss Fox journalist Chris Wallace's role as moderator of the first presidential debate. Lukasiewicz warns, "Lying works on live television. Live fact-checking is almost impossible and generally not terribly effective."
  • Maria Ressa: Facebook is 'biased against facts'

    Maria Ressa says Facebook is "biased against facts," adding, "lies laced with anger and hate spread faster and further than really boring facts." She likens Facebook, along with other social media platforms, to a "behavior modification system, and we users are Pavlov's dogs. "
  • How TV networks will handle potential election chaos

    CNN's Washington bureau chief Sam Feist stresses the importance of patience when it comes to the 2020 vote count. If there is no projected winner on election night, that "doesn't mean that anything is wrong," he says. If a candidate comes out and prematurely proclaims victory, CNN will make sure the audience knows that the facts don't support that claim.
  • How TV networks will make election projections in 2020

    Brian Stelter interviews CNN's Washington bureau chief Sam Feist about how TV networks and The AP assemble votes and project winners of the election. Feist says the decision desks are not in a "race to be first." Most importantly, "it's really the votes that drive the decisions."
  • Brian Karem thought he asked Trump a simple question

    Brian Karem, who asked Trump about a peaceful transfer of power, says he was shocked when Trump did not commit to it. "I thought it would be a very simple question to answer," Karem says. "I thought he would say, 'Are you kidding me? Of course it's going to be peaceful.'"
  • Stelter on the consequences of Trump's daily lies

    While most Americans have tuned Trump out, his biggest supporters still take his claims seriously, Brian Stelter says. "He's been telling ghost stories about voter fraud all year long," Stelter says, and news outlets need to scope out the consequences of the constant lying.
  • No drug tests at debates, but lots of Covid precautions

    Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr, co-chair of the debate commission, dismisses Trump's call for pre-debate drug testing. He expresses confidence in moderator Chris Wallace and talks about the Covid-era changes in effect for this fall's debates.


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