An aerial view of the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc

See the sites of the D-Day invasion

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, see the site of the largest amphibious invasion in history and the final resting place of more than 9,000 American soldiers.

Ski at Austria's Soelden resort

Take to the slopes and experience the thrill of some of the highest skiing in Europe. With breathtaking vistas and nearly 90 miles of trails, there's no question why skiing's World Cup takes place here every year.

Fly in a WWI fighter plane

A century after the Armistice ended World War I, pilots take to the sky in real planes from the era. Now you can experience a simulated dogfight from the cockpit.

Ride along with the Hogwarts Express

Today, historic steam engines are kept alive by train enthusiasts and Harry Potter fans alike. Ride along with the Hogwarts Express as it steams through Western Scotland and over the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct.

See the devastation of the Carr Fire

Fly over the Carr Fire's aftermath in 360°. With 7 people dead and over 145,000 acres scorched, the Carr Fire is the deadliest of the 17 wildfires currently burning in Northern California.

Race in the Ford GT supercar

It's called a supercar for a reason. Hop in with champion racer, Joey Hand and experience the Watkins Glen International track at speeds reaching 165 mph.

Get a jockey's view of the final Triple Crown race

A horse named Justify could become the 13th in history to win the Triple Crown of horse racing. Take a 360° lap around Belmont Park to get a glimpse of what the undefeated Justify will see on race day.

The Capital in full bloom

Washington D.C.'s iconic cherry blossoms are only at peak bloom for a few days. Experience the pink flowers here in 360°.

Inside a Cuban cigar factory

Since 1845 the Partagás company has been hand-making cigars in central Havana. See inside the process of rolling, checking, and sorting that makes these cigars a luxury item.

Cape Town is running out of water

South Africa's second-largest city is in crisis: it may run out of water by July. See the extreme measures residents are taking to conserve every drop.

This is life on an active US Navy vessel

After two fatal accidents last year, the US Navy is reevaluating its operations. CNN got an exclusive 360° look at life on the U.S.S. Ashland off the coast of Japan.

How to take a punch like a champ

Step in the ring with super-middleweight fighter Chris Eubank Jr. who will train you how to shadowbox and stomach a blow. But Chris' real secret to winning? Believing you're the baddest person on earth.

How to land an Olympic ski jump

Experience what it's like to fly off a ski jump at about 60 mph. Olympic medalist Johnny Spillane breaks down one of the Winter Games' most spectacular events: ski jumping.

This is the frontline of Yemen's civil war

Yemen's civil war has raged for three years now — famine is imminent and 10,000 civilians have died. For the Saudi-backed government forces, this treacherous mountainside is the frontline in their fight against the Houthi rebels.

Mosul: Victory at what cost?

Six months ago, US-backed Iraqi forces retook the city of Mosul from ISIS control. Now its remaining residents are left to survive in the rubble.

Is Idlib Syria's next Aleppo?

Idlib was thought to be the last main refuge from war in Syria. But now, the province has become the government's newest target. Where do displaced civilians go when there's nowhere left to run?