What's it like to have the Louvre all to yourself?

Updated 21st April 2016
What's it like to have the Louvre all to yourself?
This is the first of our new series "The Invitation," exploring the cultural experiences that money can't buy.
In 2015, 8.6 million visitors passed through the doors of the Louvre, the most popular museum in the world. But of the many art lovers to admire the collections over the years, how many have had the opportunity to visit alone?
Well, there's French actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz (Amélie, Munich) for one. Earlier this month, CNN Style brought him to the vaunted museum for a solo tour.
"Being able to visit The Louvre by yourself, it's one of a kind," he says. "To be able to enjoy any of these paintings by yourself at your own pace, your own rhythm, there's nothing between you and the art and it becomes personal."
In the video above, Kassovitz' muses on the power of art, and why the Louvre is the heart of Paris.
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